How the story ends.

Since he had became a brother,so much had happen.In fact since the diagnose his life had taken a down spiral that even the most optimistic person would have a hard time finding something to be sherry about,but that was then and this is now.

Yesterday,Misty had come to see him and he couldn`t recall the last time that cancer had not been the first thing in his mind,today it wasn`t,she was.Both tests;hers and David had been done,and know it was just a question of time.


In the house David was in front of the computer screen.He was looking at the work that she had accomplish on her own since coming from hospital,a web site had already been created and was running on Robert`s name, any  advance respond would come to them who would then provide any information to what they should do , but the page was quite clear get tested now and you may save a childs life !!! Already the site had hits,100 of them !!!!

She had at  some point been too tired to move from his room and had laid on his bed,it was towards it that he directed his steps now.She looked so peaceful sleeping there,he took his shoes off.It was only 6 in the morning,the  time to read thru all the emails would come later on,now he just wanted to sleep,here next to her...


She had been so tired after putting the page up and runing that going to her room to sleep was not even on her mind she wanted to read the emails as soon as she had some rest, only half and hour,God she was so tired!! She felt the sounds of David coming into the room,but she barely registered them,when he laid next to her she just made room for him and it only seemed natural to rest her body againt his own...


The Price had gone to their room after dropping Laura home.After all that had pass in the last few days,for Sarah in the last year it seemed that an affirmation that they both were alive was somehow required so she turn har back to him and said: " Join me in the shower ? "

Did he ever told her how much she ment to him ? He doubted,but somehow he would try and what better place to start than here,now..." Yes."


She was in the recovery room,her parents didn`t approve of the deep involvement she had with Robert,expecially knowing how sick he was,and yet since they had always taught her to do the right thing they couldn`t really say no,so here she was counting the minutes she could go back to his side...


A new marrow,and in three diferent places in our storyline,three diferent couples are about to wake up.


Her face was on his chest,her hand next to his face rested,she didn`t remenbered when did she feel more at home,David...

The slumber of sleep slowly gave way to the feeling of being watched and then he remenbered he was in his bed and Laura was sleeping next to him.He open his eyes,she didn`t seemed angry,her hand that was next to his neck came to rest on his face.

She didn`t want to reason why or to talk about it,she just wanted to...

He looked in her eyes and what he saw there matched his own feelings,he put his own hand in the back of hers and brought her forward until their lips met." Laura." He only said before he kissed her...


The covers in the bedroom left a clue of how the night had gone for both of the Price and yet something is about to waken them up...


Misty finally had been given the all clear to go and stay with Robert,it had only gone past 6,she wasn`t really that tired she had been able to catch a nap while in recovery,now she was anxious to see him.He slept,and she tought as she aproached the hospital bed that he didn`t looked sick at all.She lowered the metal rail,lift herself up and laid beside him on the covers of the bed,Robert...


In the lab the results of both David and Misty are finally done,the first result had battled the technician so he had redone them in order to confirm a second time,and even now  he was still confused,he dialled the doctor`s number and waited for him to pick it up. " I have the results back.You may want to come down here..."


" Sarah wake up,that was the hospital they want was us there now."

She got up so suddenly she swore the room spinned,she had to get David and Laura,God she hope that was good news....


The kissed last for so long they barely noticed Richard first call of David`s name,but as soon as Laura started to remove her lips from him,he was able to listen to his voice. " We better go and see what he wants ."

" Yes, we better go.David ?"

" Yes ?"

" What is this ?"

" This is me saying i like you ? You ?"

There is a smile on her face when :" This is me saying i like you too."

Both reached for it each other at the same time,somehow they would work everything out,for now there where news to be heard from Richard.


The Price were waiting for them on the bottom of the stairs." The results are back,they want all of us there."


It seemed that it had been yesterday he had wished for a brother,and today he looked around him from David`s face to Laura that was standing close to him,to his parents who presented a united front for the first time since the beginning of his disease.And finally his eyes rested on the face that had been the first thing he had awaken to this morning he couldn`t even believe it yet! Misty sleeping next to him,a guy could only be so lucky !!!

And now that he waited for the results, he tought no matter what he was very lucky in deed.


The doctor entered the room,he barely could believe himself and yet the paper in his hands did not lie.He better tell them...


All eyes were on the doctor,without realising,each of the couple automatically  reached for the other`s hand...


" It still confuses me, but the truth is we had to retake the test twice.Mr and Mrs. Price both David and Misty are a 100 % match for Robert." He let the news sink in...


It was finally over,that was the thought that cross her mind over and over again.Sarah could not stop crying in Richard`s shirt,her son would live...

He knew he should be more happy now he knew they were two matchs; and yet how could he,when he was so happy to begin with ?

David knew he wanted to be the one to go thru surgery it seemed only right after all his brother had given him, and yet when he looked at the way that the two of them were talking without words he knew he wasn`t going to be the one...

Laura still had her hand locked in David`s,she left it there.

Misty wasn`t really suprised,since seeing Robert at the beginning of last year for the first time she knew.Sometimes it takes less than a second and your life changes for ever,that had been hers.She was the one giving him the bone marrow transplant,no matter what her parents had to say about it.


The surgery took place in less than two weeks,first his immune system had been killed and then her bone marrow had been introduced,and know in this unit separated from all he loved ,he waited...


A year has past since the day of Robert`s surgery in the Price household a diferent sound feels the air,it is Hope christenning day...

Around the baptism fount you see the parents of the child;Sarah and Richard, to the left is the godfather; their youngest soon Robert,his hair looking a bit grown around the ears and there is healtier look about him know that he cancer was in remission,he still need to be observed; but if all went well he should live a very long life,a healthy one.To the right the godmother,Laura she had just been admitted to uni this fall, she was going to become a journalist; one day !!!

Seating in the front pew was David,who also had been admitted to uni,he was doing law in the same as Laura,and know that everyone one knew he was dating Laura; life seemed so diferent from last year, to the boy who had no one...

Next to David was Misty,she was looking at her boyfriend,and thinking of all they had been in the last 12 months,him in hospital , the recovery,the waiting to see if he woulf accept or reject her bone marrow, and the relieve when he finally started to produce healthy white cells.Every day she said thank you for the letter she received from David and she never once looked back from there,he looked so proud,standing for his baby sister...


The church service comes to an end but their story thus not finish here,all of them would go on living whatever life they had to live and in the process this is what i can tell you,once a boy came into their lifes,and he became their own....

     The end

The End

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