Where to now ?

In the lab,the results of Robert`s exam were ready to go to the doctor`s office prior to his rounds,one  single result that put his life in more peril.


The parents had just return to the hospital and were making their  way back to Robert`s wing when they saw both Laura and David,walking outside in the garden surronding the building,they didn`t seemed to be talking much, but instead had reached a confortable silence.Sarah felt more relieve to know Laura was already up and active from the imposed recovery period after the biopsy.She still need it to find out if she required any special treatment when returning home,but with all that had happen it had slipped her mind to ask the doctor!!!

Richard also observed the two of them,and he tought about a diferent pair of kids that at a similiar age had done the same in more happy circumstances,himself and Sarah.It was almost time for the morning rounds so he raised his voice in order to be heard over the parking cars and shouted them in.


 A stern group took the elevator,not talking and in general thinking what would be the outcome of the results.


In front of the admission desk,they saw his doctor talking to nurses that were about to change shifts,the clock on the wall read 8 o`clock.Soon...


Robert was already awake when they open the door to his room , he was just there laying on bed not really looking at anything,the curtains were drawn open and the sunlight shinned  thru into the room,bringing warmth.And yet he did not smile when he saw them,he remained quiet.


Richard aproached the bed and took hold of his hand. " Soon,we will now.Your doctor is starting the rounds now."

He had barely spoken when the door opened and a small person they had never seen asked if this was Robert`s room.


From the bed Robert`s face lightened up for the first time since being admited to hospital. " Misty, what are you doing here ?"

" I got you letter,so i came to see how you are,i try to reach you at home,but your maid said that you were here in hospital."

From Laura,to David and Sarah as well as Richard they all looked at Robert waiting to see his answer,but before he could even attempt to say anything his doctor entered the room.

" Mr and Mrs. Price i have the results with me,would you like to speak in private first ?"

They had shared bad and good news since this had started all together so they said no with  their head  and joined together in a group for moral  support  to hear what he had to say.

" I am sorry to tell you that aldough Sarah is a very good match, we will keep in mind in case of Robert`s health takes a turn for the worst,  she is only an 86%,she isn`t a very strong match for him,again i am trully sorry.We should get together soon in order to discuss where do we go from here. "


Desbelieve was present in every single face,in the room.


But again it was Robert that once again surprise them all by the maturity of his question and resilient attitude.

" If  Laura was a strong match that means that out there it exists others,right ?So all that you have to do is keep looking."


It seemed to David that behind his courage to look for an answer there was Misty involved,but he kept his opinion to himself.

His doctor nodded in agreement ,it was good that the kid was in high spirits,because his blood results that had come back with the biopsy one,only spoke of how sick he really was,the race in order to find a bone marrow had just take a new meaning all together.


To Misty who had just been informed of his disease by letter as well about the way he felt about her,this was some disturbing knews,she had first noticed him last year in P,E class,with his pretty looks,Robert was every girls favorite and yet just after the start of the school year he had been seen less and less now that she knew of his disease it all made sense and yet she was angry he had lost so much time in order to say how he trully felt.  " Can every single person be tested ?Or do you have an age limit ?


Once Misty put the question in the open, an idea formed in David`s brain." Yes,that is a good question,because if the answer is no to the age limit i know were we can find a lot of possible matchs."

Every one of them looked at David for his idea,he only looked  in Robert`s eyes in order to answer: " We post a message in every single school in the country,that should provide you with a match,in the mean time i want to get tested as well."

A smile of gratitude past between both brothers,and out of bad news a bit of hope started to form...

The End

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