The results are back...

She was back from the recovery room, she looked a bit pale around the edges but all in all she seemed fine,Dawn was giving way to sunlight by the time she came back into Robert`s room,and he had still to wake up.The parents at one point had gone up home for a shower and same fresh clothes,it was going on 7 o`clock and David couldn`t stop still anymore.

" Would you like to came with me for a walk ?I will go crazy if i have to look at this walls for one more minute!! Please ?" 

She felt like she could just lie on the floor and just sleep for a full week,she was exausted !! But the truth was she didn`t want to stare at the walls and wait anymore than he did,so she just walked out and waited for him to catch up.


He never really paid much attention to her face and yet how could have missed the way her soft curls that  kinda brushed against her neck,or that the colour of her hair resembled  a bar of dark chocolate,or even that the way she smiled at Robert sometimes made him wish she was looking at him instead ? All this he had overlooked because there had been more pressing matters at hand ,but know that his little brother lay in bed,he could be honest with himself and admitted to himself that  he had thought her beautiful from the start... He left the room in search off her.


Robert slowly regained conscience and expecting to find himself in his room he looked around for his alarm clock,seeing the window on the wrong side of the bedroom,he realises he`s in hospital,with a sigh of resignation he just stays there,and listen to the morning noises.


In the lab,several exames were taking place one particular that we are so eager to read has just finished being completed,it reads match  found to be in 86 %, if so recommended we would advice for the patient to wait for a better match, in the best case scenario the possibilities of such a graft take on is below 60% or in the worst case scenario not to take at all.

The exame had one name on : Laura Cash/Robert Price ...

The technician though of this kid who was going to have some bad news for breakfast.Poor kid!!!

The End

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