Laura gets tested and now the waiting begins...

No one had clearly noticed he had been long gone,apart from Robert who knew were he had just been,he felt he had gone away with it ,but that was the least concern on his mind when his eyes looked around the bedroom for Laura. " Mum, as she gone and get tested already ?"

Sarah was in the process of putting the clothes away when she noticed that David had finally appeared.She looked at the wrist watch given to her by Richard last Christmas he had been gone for more than half an hour  since they had admitted Robert,the doctor had come to talk to them and at the same time he took Laura with him in order to prepare her for the biopsy and answer any question she mite have. 

" Yes, she left less than 5 minutes ago,she will be back in the recovery room in about 1 hour; we got told.The results should be ready in the morning,but she needs to stay over night for observation."

He didn`t know if Sarah had been planning on staying but he wasn`t going anywere.And now he paid attention to the room he observed that Robert had been more exausted than any of them could have realised,for he was sleeping soundly.His eyes searched for Richard and yet he was nowhere to be found.

Adressing the question to Sarah,he shortly found out he had gone in search of coffee and any food from the vending machines.

Davis sat down in the plastic chairs available in the room, look in front of him and stated to his mum: " I hope you are not expecting me to go home tonight,because i am not going anywere. "

And so the waiting begun,for David who wanted to see Laura as soon as possible, for Sarah and Richard who need it to reasure their son of the results were going to turn out positive, and for Robert still sleeping and unaware that his organs were slowly but steadily collapsing...

The End

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