Robert is admitted and Misty gets a letter...

He could see the efford it was for him to keep putting up a brave face to all of them.David decide it was time to interfere once more.

" Mum, Dad we better leave now Robert is getting tired and we want to be there soon enough to admit  him and stay for a while before the visit  time is over."

Since the bags that Robert wanted to take were already pack,there was really no need to delay going.But Sarah wanted some final minutes together with her son.Like this at home as a family,prior to any more changes.Since none of them knew the results of Laura`s biopsy she was going to undertake, later on tonight.

They all had too many thoughts on their minds.David was trying to come up with a good excuse to leave them behind and take the letter to Robert`s friend Misty.Since the adress was in one of the streets 5 minutes away from hospital, maybe as soon as he got there he could pretend the need to use the rest room or something,he would not disappoint his little brother !!!

By the end of the evening the letter would reach its owner.


Laura was trying to remenber what she had once read about cancer and its treatments,and for the life of her the only thing that came to mind was the low rate of survival to its patients, so she stopped thinking all together  about it and just concentrate on positive thoughts instead.Mind over matter, she kept saying over and over in her mind...


Richard on the other hand had a view of all he wanted to do after Robert beat this ugly disease up.The time he wanted to spend together with he son,he never even consider that Laura may not be a match.


None of them did, apart from one.The one who was actually sick,he had thought about it since she had agreed to do the test,he new how intrusive the biopsy was and he was wondering if the results came back negative would she feel angry about it ?

On the other hand what if she was a perfect match ?

He prefered not to think about the second,it gave him too many options he didn`t want to even think about just yet, the first name that came to mind maybe because of the letter was,Misty.

He hoped his big brother was able to came thru.


They had arrive at the hospital.


After parking their car and making sure they had all his luggage,the family made their way to admissions.Once it was explainned the reason that brought them in,a floor was pointed out and they went in direction of the elevators.

David saw this as the opportunity to go and give the letter,so he pull Sarah`s arm and said:" I just need to use the loo.I will see you all in the third floor, if you are already check in i will ask for the room number,ok ?"

She was so upset with the all episode of admitting Robert she just nodded in agreement even if she couldn`t say what he had just told her.


A turn left , a jog down the street and in less than 5 minutes he was in front of her house,the letter almost burned in his hands when he reached for the doorbell.A light came on in the front hall and the door was open by a girl in her early teens,clearly he thought this was Misty.

" I am sorry to have come unannounced,but my brother who is in your class gave me this letter for you.Here.Thank you." And without wainting to see if she had a reply for him he run all the way back to the hospital.

His family needed him,Robert needed him and so did Laura...


The End

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