A slight detour on the way to hospital...

Enfolded by Laura`s strong hold, Robert let go of all the hurt and despair that had been gathering for a year. He broke down and in the process he came to terms that no matter what happen from here on he knew that his family would be there for support, always.

But before going anywere he need it to make sure the envelope reached its destination. Maybe he would ask David ?


Laura still had her arms around him and she was thinking on the decision that  she had just taken and the risks  that it involve. She would cross that bridge when she came to it for the time being he seemed more in peace. So she stepped back  and try to read his expression.

" I need to speak to my parents. Lets go down."

Signing yes with her head she followed behind.


They were still at  the same spot he had left them less than an hour ago. Time seemed less important in its relevence now he knew what to expect, and he still need to speak to David alone.

" When do i need to be at the hospital ? " Mite as well start with the bad news and work his way up.

David was looking at Laura in an  odd way  not quite knowing how to read her, at least that is what he tought he had seen, maybe when he went to his room he would be able to speak in private.


Richard was looking at Sarah for guidance on what to say but her eyes showed such trust  in him he decide to just tell his son the truth, all of it. " Tonight, you will not be able to get out anymore. Until a suitable match is found you will have to stay in hospital."

Sarah look of you have done well, reasured him. But when he saw  Robert`s face he felt he had failled once again, he seeme heart  broken...

Tonight !!!! Left little time manoeuver for what he had in mind and yet he knew he had to send the letter to her . Even if it was the last thing he did !!

" Ok, i better go up and pack. David can you please give me a hand ? "

He clearly wanted to speak in private by the way he had looked at him while he had tried to find out if she had agreed to do the test or not . But her expression had not told him anything, she kept everything very close to home. Maybe Robert had a few answer, so agreing to help him seemed the way to find them.


Three pair of eyes follow their ascend. One of them turn right and ask Laura :

" Did you agree to the test ?"

Laura adressed her question, by nodding yes. A silent acknowledgment past between both women, to wich Richard was oblivious , his eyes were still on Robert.


" So what did you wanted to ask me ?"

" How did you know ? I didn`t even open my mouth yet ? "

" It was obvious to me that something was on your mind downstairs, and since you seemed not able to speak in front of the others , it only told me it is something important. So what is it ? "

He removed the letter from his pocket and gave it to his big brother . " I need you to give this letter to the person it is adress to , please. It is important . "

A white envelope was past into his hands. It was clear to him whoever this person was, it meant a lot to him, so what could he say appart from yes.

Robert sigh of relieve seemed to take all what was left of his strenght.   " We better pack and take you in. "

Two brother`s in silence went about preparing for hospital, none wanting to speak about what was about to happen.

" Did she agree to be tested ? " He could not let him go back down without knowing.

Robert simply said yes with a nod to his head.

He was so tired...

The End

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