Laura`s father...

David took one look at the situation in frount of him  and decided to go strait in without even giving time for either Sarah or Richard to say a word over the bomb shell, Laura had just drop on their life.

" Richard ?" The hurt look in her eyes cut thru him, even knowing that it wasn`t true what this girl claimed. He didn`t need to see a paper with his name on, if it had happen , Sarah would have been told. So it was not his daughter, he knew that much and even if he felt for the girl`s pain , his wife came first.

" Sarah , you know me. It`s not true."

She wanted to believe him, but the name on the birth certificate was her husband`s and then she took  a closer look...

" Laura, this says you were born on the 5 of july of 90. That put`s your mother getting pregnant in november 89 ?"

" Yes, so ?"

" Laura, it isn` t possible for Richard  to have fathered you. The dates are all wrong ."

" Why , do you say that, i know it was him."

" Laura, he was doing and interchange course in Europe at that time, i remenber well it was the worst year of my life."

Laura could not understand , she didn`t doubt Sarah`s word`s and yet how to explain the picture ? Unless...

" Do you know this man ?" She then presented a pictured that clearly had been touched over and over again, as if looking for new details, she passed it to Richard, who when saw what he was looking at grew very pale, and then without a replay, sat down and  said only:

" Sarah, it is  picture of Alan."

Oh! Now she understood  and she felt sorry for Laura...

" Do you want me to explain ?"

He nodded  in agreement , not sure he had his voice back yet, too much had happen in the last two days, and now he had just been introduced to his niece, Sarah was going to say to her how she no longer had a father. That  on the winter of 89,  2 days before Christmas Alan had left a note saying he had come to his senses and was going back to Chicago , and speak to Paula, he never got the chance. On his way out of town, there had been an horrible accident, seven cars had been involved, Alan`s was one of them, dead on scene . He had come back home from Europe to attend the funeral .

He felt sorry for her . Sarah got her by the arm to a quiet part in the living room, and that is when Richard noticed David was there .

" Did you hear all that ?"

" Yes, but i already  knew."

Now it was time for Richard to be confused. " How ?"

" Robert was told by Laura a while back, i kinda  overheard them talking today. That is when i had a brotherly conversation about keeping important secrets away from  you and Sarah. But i guess it isn`t necessary anymore , since she has come clean. So know you have two son`s and a daughter ? "

" No, two son`s and a niece ."

Now it was time for David to be shocked, his eyes searched for Laura , to see how she was reacting to the sudent change in the facts.


Across the living room a very quiet Laura , heard all Sarah had to say and then she turn and saw David looking at her, somehow that made it wors, that he was here to see her in such a private matter, anger at a father no longer alive, at the Price`s for telling her the truth.

" Thank you, i will pack my things now."


David didn`t know why exactly he felt so strongly about it but sudenly he just snaped.

" Of course , you will, now that you have what you come for , there is no reason to stick around, no reagard for your uncle or Sarah or even the most important of them all, your cousin Robert ? Or have you forgatten he is sick ? " Almost shouthing in her face by now, David had somehow aproached her as he spoke. He could see the pale face that made her blues eyes seem somehow so much bigger and yet the sorrow and hurt coming from them but that  did not make him stop.

She knew better than to expect any kind act  from a stranger but his words hurt her because he was right, she just didn`t wanted to hear it from him.


Both Sarah and Richard were suprised at David`s attack on Laura and yet none of them wanted to see her go, not when now they had clearly a strong match for Robert`s bone marrow .

She wasn`t going anywere...

The End

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