Trouble ahead , Laura come`s clean...

He didn`t even tought of closing the door after Laura got in.

So used  to be  alone on this floor or in this house for that mather , that now in a lapse of judgment Laura secret had come out. Oh, no..." David, you can`t tell anyone, she isn`t ready to talk about it."

" She isn`t, is she ?! Robert listen to yourself, this isn`t about being upset and running out of the house without a coat. This is a life changing matter, yours."

He knew his brother was right, hadn`t he just said the same thing less than 10 minutes ago to her ? And yet because he had spend most of his life on his own , he understood her battle to say or not to.

" It `s not my place to say, David. I respect her wishes and even if you don`t know her yet, and your loyalty goes to my parents for all they are doing for you, speak to Laura first., please?"

David was taken back by the intense desire that seemed to take hold of Robert. He was fond of the girl that much was obvious. Speak to the girl presented  a problem , how to admit he had been overhearing a conversation it was not his business in the first place ? Knowing her the little he did that would not go well. But to put Robert once more at ease , he said:

" Ok, midget, but if she start`s on me kid..."

Robert sigh of relief said he had made the right choice and once again David tought was it worth it ? All this hassle in order to make his parents wishes  come true ?

As he descends the stairs he knows the only answer is ,yes.


As she came down she had no intention to go into the living room area where the parents were , and yet Robert`s request of coming true about her parenting had left some doubts. So without even knowing why she stood at the door and listen to them.

" We need to tell the boys."

" I know, Robert is prepare to go to hospital and yet how do we tell him they have not found a match for his bone marrow , yet ? How do we even began to explain to him that we may be sending him to his death ? I can`t Sarah, it took me this long to accept that he his sick."

At the door Laura suden sharpe intake of air his heard by both.

" Laura ? "

None of them knew how to adress this , know Laura knew before of the boys, and yet it was her expression that scared them more. Sarah  slowly aproach her , and put her arms around the girl , trying to give some confort in return of the shocking news.

" Mr and Mrs. Price there is something i need to tell you . The real reason i applied for this job. " And out of her pocket she took a photo out that she passed to Richard , a picture of her mother.

He looked at it without really knowing why , and the signs of no recognitation said to Laura all she need it to know.

" My mum, who gave birth to me 18 years ago ? You don`t recognize her ? "

" Should  i ? Because, i don`t ."

" She gave birth to me, your daughter so i would say , yes." And with this words she gave Sarah her birth certificate.


Outside the room David who had just arrived in the scene at the last words, tought maybe he didn`t need to intervene after all, and then again by the look on Sarah`s and Richard`s face maybe he did.

The End

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