David`s finds the reason why the cook is in this house and her connection with Richard..

One person had been left alone from all the drama that had happen today, Laura or how David knew her by the cook.

She had a good reason to be here on this house, after reading the add on the newspaper she had applied for the job, a week after the interview she was living in. Now she was in front of Robert`s room with a glass of juice, she had heard about the near jail experience that David had gone thru and she just need it to see for herself that he was ok, he looked paler than usual before...

A knock on the door and he open the door to see her standing there, his friend in this last few months , his champion, Laura. He had developed a teenager crush on her until she became awere and told him the truth, that she was his sister, she had find the journals of her mother after she had passed  away last year, just a month prior to him being diagnosed.She then had done an on line search for her father and came up with this adress, when she came here to confront him she realised she couldn`t go tthru with it and as she was about to go out of the building an occasion presented itself . The doorman said the couple living in the top floor was looking for a cook, maybe she could apply ?

And just like that by fate or destiny three people who didn`t knew each other a year ago came to live under the same roof, so he leaves the door open and goes after her into the bedroom.

David was writing on the computer when he heard the knock on the door , so he got up and open it  and saw his brother let her in and leave the door ajar, hum , he tough , what is this ? So being the curious person he was he went nearer to the door and just stood there listenning ... And boy did he had a lot to discover...

" There you go little brother , drink up. You look exausted, i heard about what happen , are you ok ? "

" Yeah, i am fine. David came searching for me and he really gave good advice but basicly he just was there . He is ok, Laura, give him a change, don`t be like dad."

" Don`t say that , not even as a joke, at least i don`t abandone children as i father them, so i am nothing like dad ."

" What ! " Richard was her father, and he had no clue ? How could that be. He was still pondering on that one when he heard Robert`s reply.

" You are like him in the way you aren`t willing to give David a chance. That is all , Laura. I think it is time you tell them, it is not as it is your fault anyway. "

She loved Robert from all this mess that was her current life, meeting her younger brother was the only good thing, and Sarah she didn`t deserve to know about her husband`s betrail 18 years ago." For you i will try. Kido." And she gave him a strong hug, being careful not to bruise him or harm him in any way, she knew he was getting more and more tired this days , the chemo didn`t seemed to be helping as much. She worried..

" Well, time to go back to work, see you at dinner ."

As soon as he heard that he hurried back to his own room, and waited until he no longer could hear any footsteps. He then walked strait in without bothering to knock.

" Your sister ?"

Oh, no he had forgoten to close the door...

The End

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