Robert`s disease is addressed...

He felt so tired maybe because of all the emotional day or on another level the efects of the last treatment of chemo were finally being felt. Tonight he had to go in for test blood they always check once a week on his white cell count if it drop too low , he was in trouble. He kinda laugh with this last thought dough. More trouble than the last few hours, having cancer was so much easier and that made him really laugh out loud.

David was in his room about to put the computer on when he heard the little midget sound of joy. That kid had some guts...


In the wake of the boys departure, two people are stranded in a not so comfort silence not knowing when it is safe enough to speak.

Sarah was still rearranging her though`s on the way her son`s felt when she sensed that Richard wanted to speak , so she paid him attention.

He was slightly confused on how can a complete stranger know is son better than him and be able to in just 24 hours make them express so much when they had been tiptoing around this big bully that cancer was, he had acted wrong. He should have stood tall against his fear`s and been there for his son, for his wife, maybe he still could ?!

" Sarah, i am sorry i wasn`t here, put i want to be here now, please don`t push me away."

She had hoped he seen the light sonner than this and yet due to a kid , her husband once her best friend on who she rely so much, was now ready to be part of their family again, she wasn`t going to look in this horse`s mouth. And so she got up and extended her arms in a open gesture, one that he took  it strait away. It was good to be home again.

She had received a call from the nurse at the hospital their doctor had the results back , the numbers were extremely low, they had run out of time, in the next few weeks until all his bone marrow was killed Robert had to stay in hospital, and then as soon as that was completed a new bone marrow would be implated ,and the waiting period began. All of this had been explained in detail to them and Robert only two weeks ago,and today only 24 hours after David`s arrival they were back to have one son in the house. She had yet to say the news to all of them...

The End

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