Consequences and some home truths...

As two boys see the flashing lights two diferent points of view came to mind.

One thought , surely i haven`t been that long. The other said ti himself , i better start thinking about how i will explain this.

" Robert ."

" Yeah ."

" When i left to lokk out for you i didn`t say to anyone that."

" Oh my God, David.Mum is going to be so worried, let`s run ."

Without waiting to see if his older brother was following him he leaped across the street and as he was about to open the front door he hears the commotion behind him.

" Hands behind your back.Put your hands on the top of your head.Do it now, sir."

Voices shouthing the same orders over in over again as David with his hands raised high so they could see he had no weapons, lowered himself to the floor and stayed face down as he had been told.

A shocked Robert who couldn`t understand what had just happen , just stood there without saying anything.Behind him the front door open and a woman comes out running.

" Robert ! "She hugs him fiercily against her own breast almost crushing him.

"Mum, please, stoped it. Mum, why is David being arrested ?"

She hadn`t paid  attention to anything appart from her son as she exited the building put now that she did, her son`s words made thru her brain, Richard. Without letting go of him she face her husband and said two words only. " Fix it ."


An hour later they are all in the living room, four people waiting for an explanation, but it is Richard who speaks.

" I am sorry. To you David for calling the police and telling them i though you had any part in Robert  disapearence. To all of you for falling so much." His face extremely sad, a look of i don`t know were to go from here , was engraved in his eyes.

And across the room David stands up. It was time for some home truth`s...

" I understand the reason behind your action`s . Your only son was missing you were scared , you reacted. But let me tell you this, you are a bad father.

You owe them , both Sarah and Robert more than you are giving, first  time, your`s .

Second you need to be here, to participate in your family." And after he spooke he stood up gave Robert a wink and went up to his room.

Since his  brother had spooke so freely , why couldn`t he do the same, it wa sas he had said time for some home truths.

" I don`t hate you. Iam sorry i said words like that in anger, but he is right, only a day with us and he sees clearly enough.

You are a bad father. I need you here, mum needs you here. We just learned not to ask." And as the words were done he went to his mother gave her a hug and also left the room.

In a pregnant silence a once strong couple is left alone in thoughts...

The End

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