They get to know more about each other...

Over the pond you could see the sun going slowly down on the horizon , and he remenbered  happier times when he had been in the park with his parents on special occations or just for a day out, they used to do a lot together, he had good friends in school and yet most of his free time he had spend with his parents, since his father`s job took a lot of his own personnal time with doing a lot of nigths at the firehouse and his mum doing her turn shifts on nigth as well in the hospital theatre has a nurse, that left them with only weekends and basicly all the free hours they could get they tend to spend together as a unit, as a family, now that they were dead he treasure those times even more.

He understood why Robert was angry at his father, he had the right to be. But his mother would suffer if the two ceased to talk to each other, so without even reasonning why he started to make some tought question.

" Why did you run away ? "

Is look was directed forward but if asked he could not describe a single thing in the park , his mind still at home locked in the conversation that took place with his father. Should he talk about it with David or anyone for that mather ? He only knew that he was growing weary of caring all this anger inside him, and since he didn`t think that mum would really appreciate the harsh words spoken to dad, he decided that David may be just the right choice after all !...

" I told him i hated him."

" Oh, i see. Do you ? "

No, simpathy or down words of  " you shouldn`t have , that is wrong ", he just listened and now he ask a very pertinent question.

Did he hated his father ?

" No, i don`t think so .Unless you are asking did i meant it when i said the words then . Yes , i did. But that was only because..." And he stop trying to reason into words all that he had felt in absence of his father`s presence since all this nightmare began last fall. He couldn`t find any, so he just looked even more miserable and remained quiet.

But somehow David seemed to understand because he then said almost like talking to himself.

" Sometimes the people we love the most can not be there and the reason why thus not have to do because they don`t love us  in the first place; sometimes it is because then can not . In your case, i think your father clearly loves you otherwise; why would he seek a stranger to adopt ? He clearly tries his best, and even if his best is not good enough for what you want of him, you can not acuse him of not caring, he cares, he was the one who told me about you being sick .So i knew in advance about the circumstances and so i could know why i was brought in, in fact i ; in my own view think he his too scared of losing you to t his disease that he doesn`t know how to help you, so he keeps away, not because he doesn`t care , but just the opposite he cares too much. But that is just me, in any case you need to talk to him, just  if this turns out for the worst, you know..."

Yeah , knew..." David , i am scared. Of dying, of living mum on her own, of being angry to dad and not being able to tell him; i so sorry. I don`t know what to do . "

" Kid, you are overthinking, they are your parents and they know you , so they will understand. The fact that you are scared about dying, i would call you an idiot if you weren`t, but kid, we all die sonner or later , in your case let`s hope is later. Ok ?"

" Later ? I think you are starting to like me."

There was a cheeky smile on the midget`s face as the let the comment fly in the air that was quite cold by now, in the sky the colours of the night painted the clouds as they moved above their heads, time to go home he tought with a sigh and face the music, but before they head out there was one more thing , he need it to say.

" David ?"

" Yeah ?"

" Thank you. You, know for coming to find me that is..." An embarrass Robert put is eyes to the floor as he says this words.

" It`s ok kid , just don`t make a habit of getting into trouble, ok ? I have better things to do with my time than rescue you all the time. " And in silence  they made their way back home.

 Were flashing ligths waited for them...

The End

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