A broken spirit some tears and words of wisdom..

He had been hearing the mother cry in the upstairs room when a door banged close and steps were heard down the stairs in a hurry . He then went to the window and that is when he saw Robert running out of the building clearly upset because he didn`t have is coat on, was he going in the direction of the park, yes he entered the big gates and seemed to go near the pond, luckily you had a good view from this building, or he would have lost him by the time he walked out to go in search of the boy, should he tell where he was going ?

No, it would only upset her even more, and it looked like she had enough on her plate already...

So he went down the stairs and in the process he encountered the cook, it only seemed polite to let them know were he was going.

So he said." If mrs. Price ask can you tell her that i have gone to the park , i don`t no how long i will be but i will come before dark ?"

Only a " Hum ", in return so he just assumed that she would deliver the message if so inclined.On the way out he picked his and Robert`s coat, the boy would be freezing by now.

The door man let him out , and in a matter of seconds he was walking in on the park`s ground, now to find the boy.


Robert`s misery felt itself heard by the broken sobs that shooke the frail body his heart barely containning the pain. That is how David found him, a small figure sat on the cold floor with his back to the park, sheltered from the outcaming trafic of people by the wall next to the pond.

With a sigh he spoke gently." Robert, why did you run away ?"

In his misery he never tought about where he wa sgoing or where he was going after here and yet he didn`t think they would miss him just yet, that David would be the one send to look after him suprise him the most.

" Who sent you ? It couldn`t have been dad, i only just spooke to him, even him wouldn`t be that fast to call mum."

So that was what happen , he tought, the father again, someone really need it to tell the men of, could he not see that his wife and son were suffering ? Did he not care ? But he didn`t say anything instead he handed the coat over wich Robert put on really fast ( he must have been freezing- it was winter after all), and just sat down next to the kid.

"No, i didn`t get send here to look for you. I think no one knows yet, i simply saw you run out and since you seemed pretty upset it looked like you may need a shoulder to cry on, or just talk..."

Robert`s face said it all, he couldn`t believe his own hears, this kid( fair enough he was older by 3 years-still a kid dough),who had been obnoxious was showing more concern for him than his own father, then Robert`s really cried.

David, understood that somethings breaking down is the only way the body can trully cope with terrible news, so he put his arms around the little midget and allowed him to cry his eyes out.

By the time his front shirt was so wet you could see thru Robert had calmed down." Sorry , David. I didn`t mean to get you all wet."

" Not a problem. It seemed you need it that, so will you tell me, why you runnned away, and why you didn`t bother to talk to your mother or tell her where you were going , if she finds out you left the building without telling her of the were abouts, you know she will get upset."

He already felt bad about all that he said to his dad on the phone and know with hearing David`s words his stomach felt like he could throw up. He forgot about his mum, she would be so upset if she found out about him missing, he had to go back and yet he was not ready, he need it time.

So with a very sad look in his eyes, he question his brother." Do you think we could stay here a bit longer and talk before we go home again, please ?"

David knew if they didn`t return before she left the bedroom and found out about Robbert`s missing act a lot of trouble would come his way, but the sad look in his eyes talked louder than any demand, so he stayed and acknowledge Rob`s request with a nod, and they sat there in the park in a cold afternoon looking at the still water and stayed in  a quiet silence...

The End

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