Robert is the one who suprises everyone...

In all his short life, Robert had never felt more angry with his father, and now since returning to his bedroom he was thinking in all that he had missed thru is lonely life. His first day at school only mum was there, most of the time he didn`t bother to appear for dinner and vacations were always plan around dad busy schedule. Not that it make any diference once he came , all the time the phone was on and faxes were send back and forward. He had lost any hope his father would take any interest in him, but taking on another child to be neglected seemed in his eyes a bit too cruel.

A sad broken spirited boy is all alone in his room when he hears , David closing the door in his room. And because he was so quiet the next noise he heard made him quite suprised. Someone was crying and it appeared to him that the sound came from just above is own bedroom, mum`s.

And now  a diferent emotion took it`s tool on Robert. He picked the handset of and dialled a number by heart.

" Mrs. Price office, Janet speaking how can i help ?"

" Jane,t can i speak to my father please it is important ?"

The boss son never called at work but Janet had been informed of his welbeing as all the rest of the staff so she did not think it thru before she replied of course and put the call thru.

" Yes, Janet."

" Dad, it is me. Rob." And waited to have his full attention.

His son ? Something most have happen after he had left, but as he looked at the watch on his wrist he was puzzled, it was only ten to eight so why was he calling ? He knew leaving that boy behind had been a mistake.

" Robert what is wrong ? Where is your mother ? Put her on the phone . "

He never listenned , and know that he was angry Robert let all the anger speak for him.

" That you are a bad father to me i am not suprised anymore even if i am sick . You couldn`t care less, for the amount of time i have seen you last year or before that, that you left strait to work after adopting another child i am sad to say i hoped better, not really a suprise. But when you make mother cry after all she has been put thru , for that i hate you."

And just like that two people that were joined by blood stood aside in life. On one side of the phone in a room that still had his child toys in a shelve , Rob has tears coming down his face , he is so angry , he barely see the sun shinning outside his window.

On the other side of town , a 35 year old man his father as gone palled, his son hated him.

" Robert ?" But has the words came out of his mouth the only reply he gets is the dial tone on the line. He put`s the phone back down, in front of his desk there is two chairs facing him, no one is seating there to witness the look of despair that shows in his face.

A very sad boy ends the call and runs out of the bedroom, he continues to run down the stairs, out of the front door and out of the building, he as no money and no identification with him, today without another tought and because he was hurting Robert runned away from home.

On the top floor of the building one person sees him walk out, he puts the curtain down...

The End

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