David has to make a tough choice.

" Sarah , it is obvious that the boy could not care less about our son, since i have told him about Robert`s disease he showed no sign of empathy or anything for that mather,  i am not willing to allow this boy to stay and make maybe Robert`s last days  miserable. "

" Last days ? You are giving up on him already ? Isn`t bad enough that you weren`t here ever through out his disease, now you are throwing out the only person that your son seems to relate to ?

No, for the last time, no, he stays or we all leave. " 

Since the face pretty much told him she wasn`t kiding, he left it alone, but tought  it was worth  to put in some of his points across.

" Sarah, if he does anything that puts Robert in danger it isn`t an option, he goes. Do we agree on that at least ?"

" Yeah. If he does something to put him in danger, and Richard don`t try anything ok ?"

He knew she no longer had the believe in him that once existed at the beginning of the marriage and yet her final words hurt, but not letting the dark look that crossed his face show, he walked out of the room.

" I will see you tonight at the hospital ."

Sarah already regreted  the harsh words spoken but not realyy knowing how to apologise without being seen as if she had been in the wrong, and besides he barely could wait to go to work !

" Don`t bother. He won`t miss you, it isn`t as you have been there before is it ?"

If she aimed to hurt him, she had done a good job, but the not being part of things stoped here , today, and so turning around he made sure she looked him in the eyes before answering her demand.

" In case you have forgoten he is my son also, so i will see you tonight." And not bothering to see how she would react , he banged the door on the way out.

Her face showed signs of ageing , and we know for a fact that Sarah is only 34, but last year tool had finally started to show, and Richard absence didn`t help or Robert`s questions on were his father was.  She felt so alone and the only person she could talk to was angry with her now, she let herself fall on the bed, and started to weep.,

The front door close quite sudenly witch startled both boys in the kitchen, when Rob heard the engine being turn on his face kinda turn sad, he had been hoping his dad would take a least a day off from work in order to help David settle in, but not his dad, he always had something more important to do. Out of the blue he didn`t felt hungry anymore. So he just got up and left the kitchen.

David didn`t really understood what had just happen but in a second all the house occupants seemed to take a turn for the worst, and he tought he had problems !...

The dad left as if he couldn`t get away fast enough, Robert had lost his apetite, and unless he was mistaken he bet the misses was in her room crying her heart out.

" What a mess."

And now he need to take  a stand , interfere or just allowed them to continue like this and just go about his business.

He started to clean after himself when a voice said to his back.

" So you are the boy who is suposed to help my master ? You are nothing special are you ? "

As he turn in search of the face to the voice he tought to himself, the cook, Robert`s friend. And he faced a girl who could not be more than 17, what the heck was hapenning here, this was the cook ?

" I see they didn`t tell you, yes i am in charge of this household . If you want to know why ask the mother, in any case you are not staying long i can tell you are here because it helps  you, not to help anyone else beside yourself so get out of my kitchen and stay out. Meals are served in the main room."

A speechless David did as he was told, and now he need to think if all this was worth it, a sick boy , an absent father, a mother who looked at the end of her strenght, and now this woman, seriously he didn`t know  what to do anymore. From the floor above his room he heard  a faint noice. Someone seemed to be crying; since Robert`s room was in front of his and he knew the dad was out, the girl was in the kitchen it left one person only...

He really wished he had stayed at the orphanage...

The End

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