An a friendship begins...

The two of them were really hungry, so one started to fry some eggs, while the other went about toasting some bread. The kettle was put on an a silent atmosphere slowly build itself in. They were able to see each other and no words were necessary, they knew how fragile this relanshionship was, so both  David and Robert, played it safe.

" Hey , kid . "

" Yeah ?"

" Do you know were i am going to school ?"

" Same as mine i supose, not very far from here . You will like it."

The only thing that had any influence on the choice of coming here was the fact that the couple had money so they would be able to pay his way thru collage, David was an A student and he knew his parents wish , so  now all he had to do was talk to them and come to an agreement conserning the outcame of Robert`s progress, maybe he could get something more after all this disease had finished its course.

Not knowing what had just gone thru the mind of his brother , Robert was pretty pleased with the knew arrangement, David was not such a bad person...They may even turn to be good friends.


On the top floor of the house, a very stern couple is having a though conversation.

" No. Richard, he isn`t going."

" Sarah, he needs to go"


The End

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