Were to go from here ?

One of the boys was alone in his room thinking that he rather be back at the orphanage, the other was still the arms of his mother being conforted. Both unhappy and with more in common that they both realised, and yet such is the way of life ...

The night gave way to a new morrow, and with it the sun shinned thru the widows and woke David up.

He felt  so hungry he probably could manage to eat a whole cow, well maybe a calf ?

The footsteps on the stairs made Robert awere he no longer was alone , not able to sleep much the night  before, so he had gone for a swim at the break of dawn and now he was here waiting in order for  what he was not completely sure, he just need it to know him a bit better if only to take is mind of other problems...

David did not see Rob seating at the table as soon as he entered the room or expected to find him up so early . It just turn  7, what was the little boy doing up so early, surely he need it as much rest as possible ?

Both in oposite sides of the table, neither really knew what to say, and out of the blue it was David who came up with the question that would be the start to their relanshionship.

" So, you are dying ? "

And he had tought his " new " brother could not be more obnoxious !

" Not just yet. I am sick, yes, but i don`t plan on dying and living all this to you  just yet."

So the kid had some fight in him left, good, he was going to need it.

" Good,and since you are up, why don`t you make yourself useful and show me the kitchen, i am starving."

Come to think about it so was he, so he said.

" Right thru here,but i have to tell you, that the cook won`t be happy if you mess up with her stuff."

" Kid, i don`t really care, i need food, so we  will play the sick boy card if she catches us up, ok ?"

Robert didn`t really like him that much, but the fact he  didn`t tiptoe around him or make him feel useless just because he was sick was an improvement on all the rest, so he followed David into the kitchen.

" So thus this makes friends then ? "

" No, it makes us two people living in the same house and who happen to talk to each other if the occasion occurs, ok ?"

" Ok, you know you are not so bad."

" Nor are you midget."

" What are you going to call me , when i grow taller than you ?"

" Kid, we will walk that bridge when we get there ."

The End

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