David is told about Robert`s disease.

As they close the door behind them Richard decided, that for the sake of all , he need it to explain to David the real reason why he had been choosen, and hope this unhappy child still had in himself any caring toughts for someone that was not himself .

" David. Stop, please; i  need to tell you something about Robert . Come with me..."

He knew he was not going to stay in this house for long , but less than an hour was bad even for him. With a nod he followed him into the studio that was Richard main room in the house.

" Would you like me to pour you something ? " He already  had a glass in his hand , took  a quick sip and looked at David that with  his head said no.

" Ok, seat please. Sarah won`t aprecciate that i am telling you this without her being present, but our son was diagnosed with cancer, aldough he received treatment as soon it was discovered, it is not working; he needs to regain strength in order for the next step, and quite frankly , his personnal doctor advice us to get Robert company of his own age, that his when Sarah tought of adoption, there: that is why, the how we choose you is a diferent matter , not really important right now.  Are you ok , David ?"

Richard had need it the a sift drink in order to tell him about Robert and yet if this was going to work he need to know the truth, but the boy that was stading in frount of him , said nothing , looked as if he didn`t even had heard or paid attention to what he had just said. He waited for a replay and yet when David spooke, it wasn`t what he wanted to hear.

" Can i be shown to my room, please ?"

" Of, course, you must be tired. It is on the third floor , in front of Robert`s bedroom. Come."

A very quiet David follow him up the stairs pass the hall, down to the left his door , the door knob was turn and he entered what would be his room for now own. He turn around , said thank you , and close the door on Richard`s face. He felt numb, a bit sad , he didn`t know for who dough . Himself or Robert ; who was dying ?

In either case , he sat all alone in the bed , droped the backpack on the carpet floor and just stood there looking at nothing, he had a lot to think...

The End

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