Robert finds out that sadness is another kind of disease...

" Well i do know how babies are made and since i am an only child, you are technically right, you are also wrong since you have been adopted by my parents , now yours as well so therefor you are my brother i stand correct."

For such a small boy he sure talked a lot, this Robert, Rob. He didn`t know what to do so he remained quiet.

The two boys faced each other none wanting to be the first to speak and loose ground, such a silly matter and yet they both were equally proud. So none spooke, and seconds pass by.

Sarah had been told by the maid that David was in the front living room , in a house that had five main bedrooms and several bathrooms, she tought it was best to go and find Richard quick enough before they frightened the boy with all the glamour.

An irony that with all the money they had the only thing they could not accomplish was to give their child a fighting chance. It was all down to this orfan boy now, their only hope , their last option.

Richard left the office and was about to go in search of Sarah when she descendent the main stairs.

" He is here already , waiting in the living room."

He could tell she was nervous, made even very anxious and yet there was also hope for the first time in her eyes since the diagnose.

They stoped at the door and listened for any sign of trouble, anything really, but behind those doors there was only silence.

They looked at each other startled and without any other thought reached for the handle at the same time.

David didn`t want to say another word prior to anyone in the room , but good manners got the better of him.

" I got told by the little midget here i have now a brother ?"

So much for good matters he tought to himself...

Sarah and Richard could not speak a word , the shocking comment about Robert had made them speachless, so the little midget spooke his mind.

" Since you can`t be bother to be civil maybe it would be better if my Father showed you were you are sleeping."

"Ok, so the little midget could hold his own, good on him." David tought as he walk behind the boy`s father.

In the room a very subdue Robert is once again looking far too mature for such a young age, he had just turned 14, David had been 16 at the time his parents died so he was 3 years older than him, even so no need to be rude.

Sarah looked at her brave boy, so much had happen in less than a year , last summer they had been so happy, and now here she was and she had no clue how to explain or reasure her son that all was going to turn ok, because she did not know...

So she put her arms around his frail body and just spooke softly.

" He is hurting, he does not mean to call you names, aldough the midget was maybe be a bit too much.If you really think about it sadness is just another form of disease."

Yes, he was small, and he understood what his mother was trying to say , but he had put so much hope in finally having a brother...


The End

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