In how David gets a brother he didn`t want...

He look at the man with sad eyes, he look just like him, wanting to be somewere else instead of this room fulled of unfulfilled hopes. Next to him was the most beautiful woman David had seen since he had lost his mother, she on the other hand looked almost possess with a mission.

Sarah eyes were on the children all in a row, so many she tought, how could she ever pick just one? She knew Richard was extremely unhappy and yet she could not find words of how to explain she knew if they could get Robert a brother they could keep him alive, it was in many ways a question of fate, and she just had a feeling...

Richard had been very quite so she just looked right and saw him, just standing there looking foward to this child, so she paid attention to the child and...

The eyes were so sad, what had happen to this boy in order for him to face himself living here ? Where were his parents ?

Richard spooke then. " That one " And he pointed at the boy.

Sharah, knew when to argue and when to accept the fact she would not change her husband`s mind, in this case it was the second , so she left him there and went to find the matron of the orphanage, and see about getting this boy home with them...


He had been told he was going to be adopted, like he had no choice in the matter ? In many ways David wasn`t really bothered, living here or with complete stranger`s wasn`t really that much of a diference, so he nod in agreement and went to pack his suitcase, two par of trousers and shirt,a few books and a picture, his most priceless belonging, on the photo that he held very closely to his heart you could see a family of three , his parents and David, taken not so long before the accident had ocurred, he looked happy, it was so long ago...

So that was how David saw himself here in front of a dark door to an entrance of a building not very far away from the orphanage, behind those doors lived the couple who had adopted him.


He would be here soon, that was the tought in Robert`s mind, he finally would have a brother.

He was in the office looking out of the window, trying not to think, he would soon be here.

She was in their room , on the vanity mirror a pair of frightened eyes looked back at the pale face, he was going to be here any time now.


The front door was open by their daily maid, she said to him to wait in here , the front living room, it was a very pretty room. He felt out of place here.

A creak and he found out he no longer was alone.

" Alo, my name is Robert, Rob i am your younger brother."

And with this words he accomplish something no one had in over a year, he made David speak.

"No, you are not."



The End

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