The story of how a boy teaches a family how to believe again...

Once upon a time there was a child an orfan, whose name was not highly spoken of , not because the child was evil in any way, no. Because the child had not said a word since he had come to live amongs them when his parents had been killed in a road crash, he had been strapped in the back seat, the paramedic who had rescued him from the car said that it had been very lucky of him to walk away from such horrible accident  alive, and yet he hadn`t been in the back when the other car crashed against them or seen the expression of fear in his mother`s eyes when she realise she could not reach him in time, her last words still ecoed in his mind...

His name" David"...

And in second all his live had change for worst.

His parents died on that day, and he after leaving the hospital, was send here, to live with others who had no family, he was all alone in the world, and he stoped talking,there was no one to talk to...

A year had pass.

David was seating in the room were all the children gatered to be seen by the ones caming in search of a dream, a dream that allude them by not being abble to give birth to a child of their own.

He normally would sat at the back and be left alone thru the intire process, but today the matron of the orphanage had been very specific, front row, like something to be displayed . He didn`t like her,so he sat and he waited for time to pass.

In a house not so far away from this orphanage a couple is talking in the living room of their house,aldough talking would be far fetched...


"Richard, he needs us, how can you say no to your own son ?"

He didn`t want to listen in the way he had failed his son,God only knew in how many ways, since Robert had been diagnosted with cancer this fall, he had spend more and more time away from home, he didn`t want to see his only son die.

So he had left them alone in the fight that would destroy is little boy life, and he run away in shame, that had been his actions until the day his child doctor had spoke about resent cases of children that found reason to keep on fighting if they had a child their own age with them , and since Robert was an only child, their options were none really, so his wife , Sarah had come up with this crazy idea of adoption.


"Richard, we are going to go and pick a brother for him, you left me alone to cope with our`s son illness, so i am telling you, you are going."

And just like that playing the guilt card his wife laid down the rules.

An hour is gone, and he is here in a room he does not want to be, surronded by the sound only healthy children make, he closes is eyes in pain. " Rob", is the only word in his brain.

His eyes are open, someone was watching him he could feel it, so he looked arond and came across a child in the front row, eyes so big it seemed the boy was all eyes. The child was silent, but he kept his stare on Richard without bleaking, and that was how he found his 2 child...

The End

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