In wich our heroine learns that what we wish for isn`t what we need anyway...

Into the third chapter we read ourselfs in, and  yet i want to just say one more time, just for fun.


Once upon a time...

She walked with a steady pace, not really fast or on an even one, she looked up the sun was setting in the grey sky. She remenbered to bring her good coat it was freezing out here, her brother was entertaining himself by kicking some leaves on the floor ashe was skipking along her side, some brother she had !...

The black market was in front of the sea, she could hear the sounds coming from the attractions playing on, the smell that was present in the air spoke of  popcorns and candy and soft drinks full of sugar and hotdogs with mustard, she could feel the saliva on the back of her mouth.

They both stoped at the lights before crossing over.

"...Do you remenber wich stand i can find the fortune teller  woman ?..."

"...It is at the back near the circus tend, but be careful, she looked real..."

What a strange comment her brother had made, and yet she was already walking to the back of the market, the smell of food more present as they crossed among all this sea of people, and the joy in every single child they saw, spoke highly of dreams they no longer had.

Here it was. 

A small both, that had a sort of tend like form, where you would have to go in so you could read your fortune, how bizarre, she tought.

She entered the tend like form and straight away she could tell she better leave.

In the middle of this make believe both stood a table ,on it a red cloth that covered it completly, and on it`s center a cristal ball, a pair of chairs in each side of the table and seating with her hands on the table was a woman of no particular age, that in her eyes looked very pretty.

Almost in reference she aproached and asked in a small voice.

"...I have a wish i don`t know if you could help me with ?..."

"...Yes , i know child. But firsty let me tell you the consequences of your request.

First you would have to grow older in order to grow taller , and since you need it for tomorrow you would grow in a night the equivallent of 3 years, so when you will wake up tomorrow you will be 11, you will have missed all the past memories for this years and of course afer it is done it can`t be undone. Life can only go forward, so think wisely my dear and let me know if you still need your wish..."

She was first suprised and then frightened that she knew so much without asking any question, and all of the suden her brother`s comment didn`t seemed so strange. To grow older in one night ?

Not be abble to remenber three years of her life ?

No, no wish was worth that much, or even to miss a single day with her family, so she looked in the eyes of the fourtune teller and said her replay.

"...No, thank you. I am happy as i am..."

They left.

"...It is almost 6, we will be late, mum is going to be worried, lets run..."

They runned thru the fair leaving behind dreams better left forgoten, and rushed home.

The light was on where darkness had been , they were in deed late, as soon as the key was on the door , it was openned, behind it was an angry mummy.

"...Well, what do you have to say for yourselfs ?..."

And just like that the day went bad again, after explainning everything to mum, she went to her room, the coat went into back of the chair and she started to do her homewaork before dinner, tomorrow would be another day.


When she walked into the school the next morning she was sad, and yet not really. Her best friend raced to her as soon as she sat down for the first class.

"....I have news , good news for you at least. The male lead on the play had an accident yesterday, his ankle is sprained, so they had to replace him with joshua, he was your partner last year wasn`t he ? Anyway, since the male lead isn`t available anymore they can`t use the female lead either so mrs . King want`s to see you in practise today at 4 ?..."

She could barely believe her luck, she was going to be a princess after all....

The End

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