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Come with me, they said.

One foot leaves the platform, stepping onto the train. Then the other. And then the train moves, taking them away from their past to a beginning where they will paint their own picture, on a fresh canvas, away from the secrets she buried.

They leave before the night gives way to day.

All through the night, as she tries to sleep, when she cries out in terror, he reaches for her, and she is soothed.

When a trace of sunlight finds its way into the train, she wakes, her eyes finding his. A smile, eyes loving, in the crowded train, and they look at the dried tears on the other's cheeks.

When he closes his eyes, exhausted, her hand is in his, and she whispers something in his ear, a secret, maybe?

A woman sitting across from them, furtively glancing at the two, remembers her youth, and the love of her life, and beats down the flutterings of jealousy, promising silently that her prayers will go with the pair for the rest of her life...

The End

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