"Hey Gabriel, how do I look?"

"You look gorgeous."

I could not remove the stunned expression on my face as I said those words. I looked at her, head to toe. Her body figure was so perfect, the smooth curves of her hips were so irresistible to touch. Not to mention her kissable red lips.

"You're still like a child Gabe. Let me fix your collar."

She laughed and went close to me. I couldn't help it but stare at her. She f*cking gave me a boner, which was so weird. I'm gay, how could I be thinking like this towards a girl? Much more, she was my best friend.

My body seemed to move on its own, and I was pretty aware that I was getting into some bullsh*t. I gently held her chin, slightly bending her head sideways and kissed her.

"Sorry." I said. I was expecting Arianne to slap me or do anything similar to that but, her reaction was so unexpected: she just laughed it off.

"What made you do that Gabe?"

"I couldn't help it." I blushed, and looked away. She made me face her again and kissed me.

I got carried away. Our kisses became more passionate. I started kissing her on the neck and allowed my hand to slide on her body.

Looks like our clubbing is canceled tonight. I thought.

The End

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