"Wanna stay here for the night? Mom's room is available, so is Dad's."

Arianne laughed, despite of the situation. I did not actually find that rude, rather, I appreciate it. She tries to make me smile in my darkest moments. To be honest, Arianne is not a good comforter, although she is a good listener. For her, laughing was her best way to comfort someone. It does not work on the others but, to me, it does. Laughter is contagious, and no, there is no such thing as immunization when it comes to humour, my sense of humour. To cut the long paragraph short, what Arianne did was effective, for I laughed, a little.

"What's wrong with telling a girl that everyone's out?" She asked. "Awkward feeling towards girls in this situation? It seems like you still got that masculine side over there, Gabriel." Arianne punched my chest softly.

"Come on, punch me!" Arianne teased me. "Just one time, as strong as you could."

Before I could even take a blink or twice, her palm was already a ruler away from my face. I got rid of the gentleness inside me, I punched her palm and it was quite strong. Her face got red and she was shaking her hand in pain while I actually did not feel any pain.

"You're still a guy Gabe, why don't you trying being one?"

"I don't know, I couldn't think of anything to do right now actually."

"Come on, there's a newly opened bar nearby. You'll love it, I tell you!"

I was hesitant at first, but then I finally agreed. "So.. um.. get dressed up then. You can use my cousin's clothes, they're clean."

"Sounds interesting, Gabriel. Where are they placed?"

"Mom's closet. They're pretty nice actually."

"Sure thing, thanks anyways."

I washed my face, and made sure my eyes weren't swelling and got myself dressed up. After dressing up, I sat in the living room and waited for Arianne.

Arianne went out of Mom's room and sh*t, she looked beautiful. No, she was beautiful.

The End

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