"Hey Gabe, I'm nearly there. Just wait okay? Love you."

I received this message from Ray.

As I was reading the message, my hands were sweating. I was about to do the worst thing I could ever do.

Ray arrived and was surprised with what he saw.

"What's wrong Gabe? Why are my things all packed up?" He said nervously, swallowing hard like a child.

"I'm breaking up with you Ray."

"Hey, is this a joke? Gabe it is not April Fool's."

"Do I look like I'm joking? Seriously Ray, I'm so f*cking sick of you." As I said those words, I could not dare catch a glimpse of Ray.

"No you're kidding Gabe. YOU LOVE ME GABE. YOU F*CKING LOVE ME!" He said, as tears fell from his eyes.

"I don't love you anymore. I'm sick of this b*llsh*t."I said, trying to sound cruel.

"You're lying Gabe, I know you are." He said crying. Grasping both my legs on his knees. I shook him off.

"Get out."

"No Gabe! I won't let you go!"


He took his things with him, slowly walked away and there he was, gone.

I sat on my bed, crying. I called my friend Arianne.

"What's up Gabe?"

"Hey, can you come over the house?"

"What's wrong? Are you crying?"

I wasn't able to answer.

"Lemme guess, it's about Ray."


"I'll be coming in a short while. Don't kill yourself okay? Seriously, don't."

I laughed and assured her. "I won't. I'll wait for you."

The End

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