"Since when did this happen?" Dr. Richardson asked me as he observes me head to toe.

"Few months ago."



"Aside from this, what else do you experience?"

"Um, I usually palpitate. Even when I'm just sitting on the couch, relaxing and stuff and then I sometimes have difficulty in breathing."

"Hmm.. inhale, exhale." He said, as he puts the stethoscope on my back and moves it from one place to another.

"Gabriel, I think you should see a cardiologist."

"Is there someone available right now?"

"Let me see.." He looked at his watch and a sheet of paper inside his desk. "Ah! Dr. Simons is available today, he doesn't seem to have an appointment so maybe I can borrow him some of his time for you. So, mind coming with me?"

"Certainly." I assured him.

He led me to Dr. Simons' clinic. Dr. Simons is a young looking man, someone who doesn't look older than 40 but I have heard of him a dozen times already a few years ago when my grandmother was diagnosed with some heart disease.

"Arnold, that lad over there, I think he has a problem. Would you give that child a little of your time?" Dr. Richardson said in a whisper, preventing me to hear it. But unfortunately, I was able to hear them talk.

"It's fine. I got nothing to do. Bring him here."

"Thank you Arnold! Come here lad!"

I went towards the table and Dr. Simons started checking on me. It lasted for a few minutes.

"You'll have to take a few tests. Would you like do take them now?"

"I would love to."

I took a few tests, they're mostly I think related to my heart. If you'll ask me what they are, I can't tell. I'm not familiar with them. As soon as Dr. Simons had finished studying and comparing the results, I couldn't cope with the emotions I had.

The End

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