Ray arrived with a cup of coffee in his hand. "Here you go." He handed it to me.

The warm coffee slowly warmed my body up and I felt unusually alive. Ray looked at me with relief, he slowly gave a soft pat on my back. "What the heck happened to you? I was worried like f*ck!"

"I don't know. My chest suddenly hurt."

"Should I call your Mom?"

"Nah, I don't want them to worry."

"Fine, how about a check up?"



"You got work tomorrow Ray. I'll do it alone." Ray was hesitant. Like I said, he knew me for being too dependent. "You're gonna take the bus?"

"No! I'm gonna drive of course."

"You can drive?"

"I can't. I got a driver's license because I can't drive." I said sarcastically as I took a sip of my coffee and then I placed it on my desk.


It was quiet for a few seconds then Ray gave a sigh and put my head on his chest. "I missed you Gabe. So much." I wrapped my arms to his waist. "I missed you too."

The End

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