I found myself lying on the white sheet of my bed. The sky was clear and it was a fine day, peaceful. Around the room, it was neatly arranged. From the bookshelf, to my closet up to my desk where I found Ray standing infront of it, trying to call someone. "Dammit, why won't they pick it up?"

"They're in Bali right now, they might not receive your calls." I got up, and scratched the back of my head, and I felt a bandage. I must have hit my head hard when I fell. "Just lie down there!" Ray pushed me gently back to my bed.

"You're acting like Dad." I complained.

"Am I? No surprise, people think  of us as a father - son tandem more than a couple." He laughed, as he keeps his phone in his jeans. "Oh, and you're the son." He added.

"Shut up!"

"Okay, I'll stop now. Sit back, relax and I'll grab a coffee for you. What do you prefer?"

"Decaf would do."

"Sure thing babe."

Ray left the room when suddenly, I got a message from Mom.

"Gabriel. Has Ray arrived? Let him stay there until we come back k? We miss you baby. We'll call sometime too. Love you."

I smiled. At this age, I should have been alone. But I didn't want and they kept me with them just like a child. They loved me so much they'd give everything for me, for their "Baby Gabriel" as what they would call me. They loved me, even after knowing the fact that I'm gay. 

Same thing goes with Ray. Raymond Augustine. My boyfriend.

I met him a few years ago with my college friends. We got along together very fast, so close for someone who just met a person. 

It wasn't a love at first sight. We started off as best friends, hanging out together and stuff. It was when I broke up with my girlfriend (I was straight those times), that was the time where I developed my love for Ray.

We also went through some struggles. First, how to come out of the closet. Second, our parents and friends. We went through them, and yeah, we made it.

It wasn't really much of a love story and the rest of our relationship, is history.

The End

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