"No one's around eh?" Ray asked, as he looked around the house. "Yeah, they're on a business trip."

"How the heck did you manage to live alone?" He laughed.

He always knew me for being dependent, that's why it was a surprise for him to know that I actually managed to live alone. My parents were actually worried, they didn't want to leave me alone "But he has to learn to be independent plus, Ray would be coming home sooner. He'll take care of him." Dad would always point out. They obviously trusted Ray. He's actually way more trusted than me.

I find no fault in that. Ray was such a responsible man. Mature, sensible, smart and hardworking. While I, Gabriel Bloomfield, only child, spoiled, immature at the age of 25, am a lazy ass who can't even do simple stuff. No wonder Ray would be doubting.

"Know what, you can actually stay here until they come back."


"Yeah. Dad even wanted you to take care of me. So, what do you think?"

"Okay," Ray said, putting his bag infront of the opened door. "but I'll stay in your room."

He rushed through the stairs, then the corridor. As he reached my room, he jumped and laid on my bed. Disorganized bed.

"I'll be sleeping beside you." Ray grabbed my pillow and putted it in between his thighs. "Not there man!" I slapped him on his arm. "Hey! Fu-"

I felt a suddenly felt his strong force behind my back, pushing me towards him. He leaned and kissed me. How I missed his honey-sweet lips, who from a simple lip-lock, became a deeper, passionate kiss. 

He always craved for my lips, and I could do nothing but to give in to his desire. Lower and lower he goes, from my lips to my neck when I suddenly felt a pang of pain in my chest. "Ray, s-s-top." I said in a whisper. He let go of me, and I fell on the floor.

"Holy sh*t! Gabe, are you alright?" My chest was too painful for me to respond, and I can do nothing but to open my mouth and grasp some air in desperation. "Gabe, Gabe! Hey Gabe! Can you hear me?" My vision became blurry and I didn't know what happened next.

The End

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