I was a peaceful morning in our house. My parents were on a business trip and I'm all alone in the house (which I like). Suddenly, my morning was disturbed by a loud honk infront of our gate. So I took a pillow and covered it on my ears. But the honking kept on going. Louder than ever. After a couple of minutes, my temper reached at its maximum level. So I bent over the window and I saw a car, a red Chevrolet.

The honking stopped and out came a man, and he waved towards me. I couldn't recognize the man for I was near-sighted so I took a grab of my contacts.

"Ray, I knew it, it was you." I whispered to myself. It has been 8 months since I last saw Ray and he hasn't changed at all expect for his natural brown hair which I think he dyed black in France.

"Gabe!" He said excitedly. "Come down here!" Making a 'come here' gesture.

Happy about this, I  hurriedly went down and I welcomed Ray with a big hug. "Hey man! I missed you! How was France?" 

"Nice! And I got something for you here! Wait up." He opened the car's rear and took a basket filled with French delicacies.

"Whoa, these are all for me?"

"Yeah, do you feel like giving it to your dog?" He pulled a joke. It wasn't really funny but it made me laugh. Like the usual. "But you're my dog." I said.

He gave me a soft kiss on my lips.

It has been a year and a half since I started dating Ray. I don't know why but we're just inseparable. We're stuck to each other. Well, not literally but this bond we got seems to be glued.

About my parents? It's fine with them. Before, they would rant about me dating Ray and me being obviously, gay. But now they're fine with it and yeah, they're closer to Ray than they are to me.

"I missed my Gabriel!" Ray said, as he hit me at the back of my neck. "Cut it man!" I punched him at his stomach and he gave a peal of laughter.

The End

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