Before Death Forbids MeMature

You were given the opportunity to choose between life or death.

You can either live your life to the fullest or just hang yourself somewhere like a modern-day Judas Iscariot. You can exercise, eat right, live right and live longer or just do all the junk stuff and let yourself get sick, live on the hospital bed and rot in a coffin.

You're lucky to be given that opportunity. So lucky.

Lucky to be able to have the chance to grow older, have a job, get filthy rich, have a house, grab a girlfriend and get laid if you want.

I really envy you.

I could have done those things, only if I wasn't diagnosed with coronary disease. I could have chosen between life and death. But this disease took the chance. There's nothing I could do but to face death even if I didn't want.

I could have lived longer, get a job, earn and most of all, love.

The End

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