A man gets the emotions of what bed;) I actually wrote this story in March of '09. But I lost it. I've been trying to put the sexy back into it, but just can't:/ Enjoy!

The only thing that I could hear, was the rapid beating pulse of my heart. My palms began to dampen. I clenched my right hand around the doorknob, feeling the coolness of the metal. A draft must have pushed the door open. I watched it pivot around to the wall on the inside of the room.

Dim light filtered into the hallway, illuminating my shadow on to the wooden floor. The heavy incense of sweet perfume wafted across my face. The hairs on my neck stood.

I looked around the room, examining each inch. A bed, the size of a car, sat directly in the middle of the room, blankets falling off the bed touching the floor. Nothing else was in the room. Not even a dresser. But there was someone. And she was laying on the bed, looking at me with a look that I couldn't look away from.

She motioned with her index finger for me to come to her. My heart beat faster than before. Silky brown hair fell down her back. Soft tan skin ran down her entire body. A figure that any model would die for, was laying on the bed, looking at me and telling me to lay on the bed with her.

I put one foot in front of the other, slowly moving. She started to tease me, by moving back and fourth her perfect goddess body moving along the bed. The seconds ticked by as I edged closer.

Finally, I touched the bed. A shock of tenseness rolled through my body, like the back of my head hit a cement floor. I lifted my leg on to the bed, feeling the warm blankets take me by surprise.

Watching her move closer to me, wanted me to have her even more. She slithered across the bed with more grace than any snake. She reached her hand to me, grabbing mine.

From there, I was in control of how I felt. No longer scared...

I looked at her lips, perfect, full. Then, without noticing it, mine fell on hers. We both molded together under the blankets, for the rest of the night.

The End

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