Bed Time Stories for Children: Gulliver the Singing Goldfish

Real children's bedtime stories. Squeaky clean. Though they can be multiple chapters, each chapter should be no more than 800 words long. They should be at the listening vocabulary level of seven year olds. Higher vocabulary can be used but ought to defined in the story.

Once upon a time there was a goldfish named Gulliver.  He lived in the same gold fish bowl that he was born in.  He had four brothers and three sisters.  All of them were gold.  Really more orange than gold and one of his brothers, Gaston, had a white patch on his head.

All of the goldfish loved being goldfish and they all did what goldfish do.  They swam round and round.  They ate the goldfish food that came down like pink snowflakes, each morning from the little girl's fingers.  Amy was the little girl's name and feeding the goldfish was her morning chore.  Every day she fed the goldfish, for goldfish have to eat every day.  After Gulliver and the other goldfish swam round and round the goldfish, sometimes squeezing through miniature castle that was in the fishbowl, and after they ate their food, the goldfish would sometimes chase each other's tails.  This is how goldfish play tag.  They can't really play hide and seek because where could a fish hide in a goldfish bowl that is small enough to sit on the little table beside the green and yellow couch.  Other than swimming, eating and playing tag, there is no much else goldfish do.  Well, except for Gulliver.  Gulliver liked to sing.

Gulliver the Goldfish always wanted to sing.  But every time he opened his mouth to sing, only bubbles came out.   Oh, they were pretty bubbles but they didn't sound like songs at all.

Sometimes Gulliver would try to sing louder, almost yelling, but not quite yelling because yelling is not really singing at all.  But when Gulliver sang louder, the only thing that changed was that the bubbles got bigger.  They would leave his mouth and they gurgle up and up and then they would pop and go away.

Gulliver was so sad.  But he kept trying to sing.  Every day, after he swam round and round, after he ate his goldfish food, after he would play chase the tails, Gulliver would sing.  Every day he would sing and every day he would make bubbles.

One day he noticed the little girl who brought the goldfish food was standing looking down into his goldfish bowl.  She was looking down with her eyes wide open and her mouth smiling in a very surprised and happy sort of way. 

The next day he noticed that the little girl came back but this time with three others faces.   The next day the little girl would look down and each day more and more other boys and girls would come and look down into the goldfish bowl.

Gulliver did not why all the faces kept coming by but he did not let that stop him from trying to sing his songs.  But Gulliver was still sad because no matter how long he tried to make music, he could only make bubbles that gurgled up and went pop before they went away.  So one day, Gulliver gave up and just spent his time swimming round and round the goldfish bowl, eating goldfish food, and playing chasing tails.  He sang no more.  And one by one all the faces of boys and girls went away.  Except for the face of Amy.  Her face never went away.  She came back every day to see if Gulliver her goldfish would sing his song again.

The End

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