Chapter 4

I had always dreamed of adventure--I suppose it was in my blood, or at least my father taught the trait of curiousity to me. My old governness Miss. Averhurst, and even Mrs. Horwell at times, could preach at times at how it was not in a lady's necessities to learn such things as the sciences and sorts he passed onto me. My father had always deemed it important for me to understand it all, to be open to possibilities of the world...and the adventure it may hold.

Marriage. It was a necessity for a woman; one could not live without the finincial assistance of a husband. Yet how is such a thing an adventure? As I break free onto the world, I will only be trapped and bound up my duties more then ever before. Though there was something inside me that was inquistive about love, the companion in a man who would hold you dear to his heart. But was it all just fairytales? Girlish dreams, inclination, fueled by story tales I read? It couldn't be--Father told me of how much he loved and cherished my mother, so many times I could not count.  He had given me little advice on the matter of love until the most recent years; never to give in to anything less then the wantings of your heart, to follow it, and only allow it to fall upon the best of men. But wasn't that what all fathers who loved their daughters said? You only deserve the best. Is there such a man who would meet those high standards?

I felt somewhat angry that Mrs. Horwell brought it up. I really did not wish to think about it, though it was the reality.

London. Parties, threatres. I had always wanted to see plays, to dance at the grand parties in London. Perhaps I would go, after this Mr. Drake settles in my home.

My heart sank at the thought of him. I was not looking forward to his arrival.

The End

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