Today I decided to do something different, to be someone I haven't been till now. Typing in my new profile into the website, I looked over it when I was done.

I'd be considered popular by anyone who sees me at school, but there's another side of me that others don't know about. The ever present kisses of the blade define me for who I am within. I have two sides to me which not many know about. Yet, popularity is important to me. I love to be loved, even it's for the wrongest reasons.

That would do it. It was partially a lie, but one intriguing enough. Suddenly I heard my mom yell at me to come downstairs, logging off the website I left the room. After doing my chores of washing the dishes and whatever else my mom found necessary, I entered my room again and clicked on my notifications. "25 unread comments".

What do you know? Maybe playing emo is a good thing.

The End

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