I stand it the dark alley way waiting for the next person to come along to get their next fix. These people are seriously sukkers for it. I spot Frankie walking towards me- my most valued customer, he's so addicted to it that he needs it more than twice a day. He gets me the most money at the moment. He has been to rehab a few times but he always comes crawling back. They can't resist it.

"The usual mate?" I ask him trying to hide the grin from my face- I need to keep to the hard exterior, it is more intimidating.

"Can I ave more?" he asks, yes! he is such a looser.

"Well I think I have ran out"I say.

"I'll get you more money I'll do anything"

"£300 then"


"Do you want this or not?"

"Umm ye-e-ss, of course" he stutters, "Here you go" he hands it over to me.

As he walks away I smile, he is such a looser.

The End

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