Getting Lucky

The time ticked on. By the time there was only fifteen minutes left, I knew that I wasn’t going to finish the site-design by the end of this session. Something Mr. Stevans had anticipated.

“Save now please, people, just in case saving later doesn’t work!”

As I swung back to do so, I found Drew already there, typing ‘Annabelle’s Website’ into the name-bar. He was surprisingly good at coordinating the HTML into the website, and soon after we had started, we were so focused on our project that we forgot our quarrel.

A smile alighted on my lips, a playful, stress-free one.

“Just then flew down a monstrous crow, as black as a tar-barrel; which frightened both the heroes so, they quite forgot their quarrel.”

What did you say?” Drew started.

“Nothing!” I squeaked, unaware that I had quoted Lewis Carroll out loud.

“Raven, more like,” he mumbled, but only just loud enough that I could hear. I cleared my throat, embarrassed, and turned back to the screen.

Soon, Mr. Stevans turned himself into the centre of the room, trying to sweep a cloak that was not there. Drew and I both smirked at him.

“I’m afraid that’s it for today, guys. Make sure you save your precious works, and I’ll see you all next week.”

Mr. Stevans positioned himself by the door, to make sure we all left, I supposed.

Drew had already packed up his bag whilst I had been busy saving our final efforts. So when he began to wander away from me, I had not even finished completing the logging-off process.

“Drew, wait…” I cried out.

He turned, shooting me once of his special questioning glances.

I found my feet digging themselves into the little circle patterns on the carpet, as if I were the little child asking for something good from the parent. Even so, Drew’s expression stayed rock.

“Look, I was wondering, especially since next week is the final week-”

“It is?”

“Don’t make this hard for me, Drew. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed today, and, even if we don’t quite match up at times, we make quite a good team. When I met you, I despised you, and I still do at times, but in one of those weeks, I found friendship in that contempt, a friendship that still remains. I just wanna say that we can work on this, and… Can I have your number? Maybe we can arrange to meet up, instead of doing the usual, bumping into each other?”

The perspiration dotted itself along my brow as I tensely waited for a reply. Drew looked at me blankly for a second, before one corner of his mouth twitched. Upwards.

“Sure.” There was a piece of lined paper lying by, which Drew tore a corner off, and scribbled a set of digits on to the little scrap with his black biro. Then he gave the scrap to me. “You’d better catch your bus.”

The End

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