The next few days of school went by in excitement and happiness. Each day, I found myself looking forward to going back home but not for the reasons that I used to have. No, this time I wanted to go home not because I hated coming to school (which was still partially true) but because I wanted to chat with Poppy.

I had her number now so it shouldn't be as exciting as it did whenever I logged into my chat account, anticipating and hoping that she'd be online. But I felt almost scared to send her a text. Besides, 'Cayden' wouldn't take the first approach. He's more of a 'take it cool' guy who'd probably enjoy the girls going after him before responding himself.

Still, resisting the temptation to send Poppy a message was one of the hardest things I've had to. But that was nothing compared to the tightening knots in my stomach with each second, knowing that the next interschool club meeting was approaching me.

This time, I couldn't ditch. The teachers responsible for the activities had given me a warning, and called my mom up even, and told her I would have to attend the next club meeting whether or not I was 'having the flu'. So it was unavoidable.

I got onto the bus that day, clenching and unclenching my hands into nervous fists as the bus made its way to the other school. I still wasn't sure what I'd say to Annabelle.

When the bus pulled up in the car parking lot, I was the last to get off. The teacher noticed but didn't say anything, my face made it clear that I was feeling very unenthusiastic about this. I even walked at a terribly slow speed, just to delay what was soon going happen.

All the students dispersed, heading in the direction of where their specific club meeting would be held. Though it had been a while since I'd been on the campus, I had a good memory and knew exactly where to go to find the computer lab. But I took my time, wandering around in random hallways or just lingering behind isolated nooks outdoors.

But one of the teachers found me, and (forcefully) took me to the computer lab. Opening the door, he lightly pushed me aside as I scowled at him in anger. My eyes swerved back to the people in the room and to one in particular.

Sighing on the inside, I said to myself - here we go.

The End

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