Blow Up

She didn't answer my question. I waited for a long time, thinking maybe she'd just gone to the bathroom or downstairs since her mother might have called her but soon, her status changed to Away and about fifteen minutes after that, she went Offline. I slammed my fist down on the keyboard with a loud crash, sending it toppling down to the floor along with a part of my desk.

Why wasn't she there when I needed her to be? And it wasn't just this instance that I was thinking about. Slamming my door shut, I walked out my room and trudged back down the stairs, heading out the front door.

"Drew, where are you going?"

"Away!" I shouted back before closing the door sharply in my mother's face. She went away all the time and I asked too, but she never came back did she? Why did all this matter to me anyways? I'm a different person than Cayden Rachet. I'm not supposed to care whether or not Poppy showed up, or be worried about Annabelle. Hell, I wouldn't have even kissed her if I'd been the sane Drew Alonso! But yet...she turned my world upside down and as cliche as that might sound in my head coming from me, no one could stop it from being true.

And now...I couldn't figure out which 'she' that this fact was applying to.

It hadn't stopped raining but I didn't care as I walked through it blindly, letting each drop fall down on me. The weather matched my mood, and I couldn't care less if I were to return home and have a fever. I just wanted to run away from all this.

My family had fallen apart. My school life is trash. And now, the only hope that had me going was the love that had hit me. And now that is as muddled in confusion as everything else. What good will that do?

I ended up back in Raven Cafe. I don't know how I'd led myself there but I followed my feet and this is where it took me. Running my hands through my wet hair, I stood under the shelter that the indoor area of the cafe provided. Not many people were around, most would have the sense not to walk around the city when it's raining, especially when they have the chance to stay home.

I sat myself down on an empty chair, feeling pretty reckless at how I was dealing with this. I was just sick of everything that seemed to be happening out of my control. Even though I can never forget the good things it brought out from me, the negative parts always reminded themselves too. An online relatioship. You can never be certain what would happen. And I guess that's what made it all the more hard for me to deal with it.

The End

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