As If In Hiding...

The house was completely empty when I finally arrived back, drenched.

“Good, no one to talk to me,” I murmured, dragging myself upstairs.

I slipped out of my stuff, shivering as I did so, but I didn’t care if I became ill…nothing seemed to matter any more than what afoolI’d made of myself. Once again, I had betrayed Cayden, picking the wrong boy just because the other had not appeared. It had never meant to be this way! I told myself the words over and over again, as I clambered back into baggy trousers and a loose top, jumper omitted. I continued to berate myself for idiocy twice as much too.

Afterwards, I lay down on my bed, staring at the bland ceiling as the patterns on it seemed to slide back and forth past my eyes. I didn’t even feel like going onto the computer now.

However, there was that nagging thought that Cayden would be online, waiting for my every move, ready to give his apology forthright to me.

So, even against my will now, I signed on. He wasn't there, but, no doubt, he would probably be there within twenty-four hours, so I quickly typed in an offline message, hurt yet emotionless across the World Wide Web network.

Poppy Brant: Where were you?

Then, casting my eyes disdainfully over the screen, I went to get myself a paracetemol for the headache that was beginning to boom between my temples.

About five minutes later, as I sat upstairs sipping at a glass of water, a loud, swishy 'beep' alerted me to Cayden's presence. I dragged myself into the next room to see what he had put.


Cayden Rachet: Where were you?

I stared at the screen as it buzzed, focusing in and out of my eyesight. I subconsciously drummed my fingers on the wood surface beside me, still staring. Just staring, before my brain finally clicked back into gear.

Poppy Brant: Oh, you didn't go to the wrong cafe, did you?

"...Didn't go to the wrong cafe?" I heard myself muttering as I typed it in diligently.

Cayden Rachet: How many Raven Cafes are there? I went to a cafe with a black bird front.

He sounded grumpy.

Poppy Brant: Well, I waited for half an hour. You weren't there.

Cayden Rachet: And neither were you.

Poppy Brant: Well, obviously, there's been a mix up.


I went back to my bedroom after sending the message and curled up, feeling like not talking any longer; a minute later I heard the tell-tale beep and deeply sighed.

"Just leave me along."


Cayden Rachet: I had a thought...but no, it sounds silly...

Poppy Brant: What?

Cayden Rachet: No, it doesn't matter. You're right, we must have made a mistake and been at different cafes. There might be a chain of them or something. I guess I was being overzealous with my plan...

Poppy Brant: Yeah. I thought that too. I'm currently between emails, but I’ll give you mine the day I get it.

Cayden Rachet: Sure.


Noticing a break in his flow of speech, I grabbed my dressing-gown from the hanger before settling back down. It was only about five pm, but my skin feel freezing and I was not at all hungry. Maybe I could just settle down in this chair…

Unfortunately, the messenger sound rudely declared that Cayden had one more thing to say.


Cayden Rachet: Hey, Poppy. There was one more thing...

Poppy Brant: Hmm?

I vaguely felt my hands on the keys as my eyelids slid shut for a second. Blearily, I managed to stumble to my bed.

 Cayden Rachet: What colour top were you wearing? Was it white?

Cayden Rachet has nudged Poppy Brant.

Cayden Rachet: Poppy, are you there? Please answer.


Oblivious to him, I curled up on my bed and fell into an exhausted, confused sleep.

The End

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