A No-Show

Time was a non-existent material to me with every second passing by in anticapation. The days flew ahead, my mind completely lost in its own imagination of what could or could not happen on Saturday morning. And people noticed too, people here referring to those at school. I was no longer the 'emo-guy' who had no life. I became the 'optimistic, smiling clown'.

Mom was too lost in her own world to realise what was going on. It was only when Saturday bumped its own way around the corner that she just started to notice the changes in me.

I was coming down the stairs, humming a happy song, a thing I never do. So if people in school noticed that, a woman who has known me her whole life would eventually find out. When I made my way over to the kitchen to have a quick breakfast, I was met by a sardonic smile on my mother's face.

"Sweet Violets, huh?"

I rolled my eyes at her and replied, "It was on the radio last night."

"Hmm...so who is it that you're giong out to meet in a few minutes?"

My head snapped up, clearly I was expecting the question from my mother but the fact that she'd be so blunt about it...that shocked me. I gave her a small wavering smile, unsure of how to answer. It's funny how I'd always beeen the one to ask her this same question, and for the first time she'd used it on me leaving me feeling awkward.

"A friend." I answered simply.

"A girlfriend?"

I winced at the description, confirming my mother's doubts. She sighed and relaxed against her chair, taking a sip out of her coffee and then glanced over at me, a coy smile playing on her lips.

"Was about time."

I groaned on the inside, hearing this comment but ignored her, deciding not to retaliate with a smart remark of my own. After having a quick breakfast of cereal and orange juice, I skipped back upstairs and to my room. I rummaged through my wardrobe for a short while before settling with black jeans and a plain white t-shirt. I was too much of in a hurry, time back into my frame as I combed my messy brown hair and then rushed out my room, taking my wallet with me.

"Bye mom!" I said, giving her a swift kiss on the cheek (and surprising her) before hurrying out the door to flag down the first cab I saw.


It didn't take long to get to my destination, considering I lived pretty close to it. If I'd known it's location before, I would've decided to walk and not waste my time. But I didn't want to mess up on my first meeting with Poppy.

And that was how I found myself entering the cafe, right on time. I joined the queue  in front, and that was when I noticed her. And not her her. It was Annabelle. She saw me too, and averted her gaze away from me as quick as I did with mine.

What in the world is she doing here? I still hadn't forgotten what happened the last time with Annabelle in the computer lab, the event that sent me questioning myself and my feelings for her. If I didn't care so much about her being here, I wouldn't have squirmed in my seat like I was now. I'd settled for a table inside while she was out. It was the perfect distance between us, we wouldn't spot each other once more.

But as time ticked by, going slower and slower, I started to find myself glancing towards where she sat occasionally. She seemed to be waiting for someone too. But like me, her date was a no-show too.

When fifteen minutes had passed and a girl dressed in white and blue still hadn't showed, I got up in my seat and exited the cafe, making my way towards Annabelle. She saw me but pretended not to, playing with her dirty-blonde hair.

"Hi," I said, sitting down before she could ask and her eyes met mine, a smile making its way to her face.

"Hey Drew! I didn't see you there."

That annoyed me a little. I didn't see you there, my ass. But I pushed those feelings aside, grinning at her and leaning forward.

"So...you got stood up, huh?"

The End

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