I couldn't believe it. Poppy agreed to meet me. I literally jumped off my seat and shouted"Yes!" the moment I read her reply. After about a minute had passed with me dancing around the room and acting like a complete maniac, I heard a ding come from the speakers. Rushing back to the computer, I squinted to read the words on the screen.


Poppy Brant: Cayden, are you there?


I took one quick second as a vain attempt to calm myself before setting the chair back upright on the ground, and sitting down on it. I typed a reply, my finger mere flashes on the keyboard.


Cayden Rachet: Yeah, I'm here! :DDD And this weekend's not soon at all!! I've been dying to meet you!!! :) :) :)


I almost clicked Enter before reconsidering what I'd wrote. It made me sound too desperate, and that wasn't a trait that I'd think Poppy would find attractive on me, let alone on the new person I've created. The exclamation marks and overdoing of emoticons were displaying my own excitement for meeting her, but it definitely isn't how Cayden would act.

Shaking my head, I slowly tapped the Backspace key, watching every character get deleted. Then again, I typed a more tame response.


Cayden Rachet: I'm free this weekend so it would be the best time as I don't know when I'll get occupied again. After all, I'm a busy guy. :P

Poppy Brant: Then this weekend it is. :D Are you sure you'll be able to find 'Raven Cafe' without getting lost?

Cayden Rachet: I know my way around here. I'll be fine. :) Also, in case it's crowded, it would be kind of weird if we wouldn't be able to recognize each other and had to go asking people who's who. :D To make things easier, you could tell me what color outfit you'll wear and I can find you.


It took her a minute to reply, but in about a minute, she typed back:


Poppy Brant: I'll be wearing a white tank and knee-length dark blue skirt. I think you'll spot me.


I grinned to myself. Clearly, this idea was too appealing to keep within. It was when I heard the skidding of a car tyres against the hard gravel outside, did I notice that I wouldn't be able to continue this conversation. I stuck my head out my open window to check, and as I'd suspected, my mom was back. Getting out of the car, I also noticed she looked quite happy with herself. Great, she'd suck me in for a long chit-chat tonight. Rolling my eyes at the thought, I hurried back to the computer and typed quickly.


Cayden Rachet: Thanks. And I sure will. ;) Anyways, I got to go. My mom's back and it's going to be one of those nights. I'll see you this weekend. ;)


"Drew! I'm home!"

"Coming Ma!"


Cayden Rachet: Bye.


I slowly walked back downstairs. I felt slightly disheartened that I'd got off chat quite earlier than expected but it didn't matter, because soon I would be seeing her for the first time.

The End

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