My head still buzzed when I got home. I ignored my mother’s greetings (but that was not saying much, so her questions were not asked) and quickly logged onto my computer. My thoughts kept persisting, kept jumping, with my heart, back to Drew. And it hurt with a strange pang.


How could I be guilty? I didn't even do anything wrong... It was the thought that I was betraying Cayden, however, that made my heart pump a mile a minute. The confused thoughts swarmed around again. I wasn't... I mean, I couldn't love with either of them, could I? Drew was savage, an ignoramus, and so different to me, but in a way he was the same lost soul, and he knew how brave we had to be wading through this drowning life. There was no 'preliminary' attraction between him and me- but there was nothing to deny the actions we had committed.

On the other hand, Cayden made me laugh, he had that ingenuity that never failed to make me grin- and he was a kind-hearted soul. He was so like that other side of me...

He liked me too, unlike any other boy I'd 'met'. I'd found myself falling for him, and I was pretty sure that he felt the same way. We had a connection- but, was it possible to love someone I'd never met?

I knew Drew personally, but that didn’t seem to make much of a difference. What if I got to know Cayden though? Would that make some change?

Automatically, I logged onto my messenger (Poppy’s, but I had used it so much that it had basically become my own); my eye caught upon one of the green blips in the list of people online.

It was Cayden!

Suddenly, a grin spread onto my face. Ecstatically, I opened the chat window, wondering if he had got any of my messages. Though thoughts of Drew still lingered in my mind, and the hum of light towards him had become no less, my thoughts were one and only centred on him for the moment.

I rushed to send him a message, and he (finally!) replied in due speed, sounding happy to see me.


Poppy Brant: I can't believe my eyes! You're online! :')

Cayden Rachet: Yep, yep! I'm back to life! :D

Poppy Brant: You have no idea how long I've been waiting!


It sounded rather drastic, but I had been waiting for more days than normal to see that curled writing appear onscreen.

We chatted for a while, longer than ever before, but time felt stopped; when I talked with him, even about those silly nothings, everything we did seemed valuable.


Poppy Brant: So, what have you been up to? How was your holiday? Good?

Cayden Rachet: Yeah, it was good. We did a lot of walking and site-seeing... I’m sorry I didn’t get to contact you. Mom was…you know.

Poppy Brant: It’s okay. Well, stuff was weird without hearing from you. School has been…interesting.

Poppy Brant: Oh, and I know what you mean about your mom. :S

Cayden Rachet: School? What have you been up to?

Poppy Brant: Well, not much. It was just problems with my annoying partner at the club.

Cayden Rachet: Ah, yeah, I know what you mean. But the show must go on…! However, what is the point of clubs?

Poppy Brant: Haha, don’t ask me! :P


Time was lost on me completely. I’d done what I’d needed to of homework, and I wasn’t beginning to feel tired. It was just me, the computer, and Cayden of cyberlife. I thought the chatting would never end, even when he asked me a most shocking question.


Cayden Rachet: Poppy, I've been you want to meet?


Although the question took me by surprise, and my eyes widened to spheres, it was everything that I’d hoped for. And it fixed (rather) my problems. Then again, I’d never thought I’d be in love with two guys!


Poppy Brant: This weekend? Or is that too soon? Do you know Oxford Town? It would be convenient to meet there, as it’s near where I live and a big place in the middle of counties. Search for the 'Raven Cafe', it should be pretty easy to find. How about we meet there on Saturday at four?


And so, our meeting was set.

The End

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