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I got onto the bus, feeling lost, my mind still on what had happened only a few minutes ago. Whenever I thought of Annabelle, I had always felt irritation seep through. I'd never grown to like her, even a little. But what was that sudden connection we seemed to have? At that moment, her light green eyes appeared so open, so free. All the hate and distaste I'd held towards her seemed to have disappeared in one second. Maybe...

I shook my head, letting go of the crazy thoughts that entered my mind. That was definetely not it. As the bus moved back towards school, I couldn't wait to get home. The urge to talk to Poppy again entered me, overriding the emotions I had towards Annabelle. There would be no wrong in getting back in touch with her. That's what I wanted to believe.


After having an early dinner and having finished the pile of homework I had for tommorow, I collapsed onto the chair, turning on my computer in excitement. It was only seven now, so if Poppy does come online, we'd have a long time to chat. Mom wouldn't urge me to go to bed either, since she's out on one of her dates and would care less at the moment about when I went to sleep.

I logged onto my messenger and (thankfully) my internet connection was speedy today. A load of offline messages popped up onto my screen; all of them from the one and only Poppy.

Poppy Brant: Cayden! When are you back?

Poppy Brant: When will you be back online! Send me an email if you can! I really miss you!

Poppy Brant: I hope you haven't fallen sick! Why don't you come online anymore?

Accompanying those messages were a ton of others, with the similar tone. My heart wrenched inside, happiness and guilt flooding in. She-missed-me. Why did that matter so much?

A new ding came from the speakers, another window popping up.

Poppy Brant: I can't believe my eyes! You're online! :')

I typed a reply, feeling excited.

Cayden Rachet: Yep yep! I'm back to life! :D

Poppy Brant: *claps in happiness* You have no idea how long I've been waiting.

I felt a smile light my face when I read this, a wave of happiness overwhelming me.

Cayden Rachet: I can make a pretty good guess. :)

The rest of the night passed by with Poppy and I chatting. She was thrilled to see me back online, just as I was. The feeling that spread through my chest swelled to an alarming size and as the night wore on, I was dying to ask her to the question; one that would take her by complete surprise.

So, as nine o'clock ticked by, I sent her a message out of the blue.

Cayden Rachet: Poppy, I've been you want to meet?

The End

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