Trapped With the Devil

I admit it. There was no real intention behind me 'stealing' her pencil case as Annabelle had put it. Throughout this particular meeting, my mood hadn't been too lively. I guess this rubbed off on her a little as she dimmed as time past by. She wasn't particularly cheerful when she literally pounced onto me, knocking me off my chair as she made a grab for her pencil case.

I'd only taken it out of boredom, it isn't like I always browse around people's bags trying to find something interesting. But clearly, Annabelle didn't know this.

I pushed her off me easily, trying not to hurt her but accidentally punching her on the cheek. Her eyes gleamed as she glared at me, full of hate and anger.

"All right, steady on! I didn't steal it, okay! Yes, I took it out your bag, but I thought I'd put it back in. I was just about to go and give it to one of the girls from your school." That sounded alright for a defensive statement but she didn't fall for it as she stood up, staring down at me with narrowed eyes.

"That doesn't explain why you were rooting through it."

"Someone once said to me that you can tell a lot about a person through what they have in their pencil case. I just wanted to try the theory out." That was my failed attempt at a joke as I gave her a lop-sided smile, shrugging. But Annabelle was a tough one. Her anger didn't die down at all instead she played with sarcasm.

"Really?" She emphasised the word. "Well, I'd like to be told that theory from a proper person some time."

That stung and I snapped back at her, "So I don't count as a person to you?" Even though I've gotten such remarks in my life from more pricks at school, it hurt a little coming from Annabelle. I didn't know what to expect of her but a snide remark was the last I'd wanted.

She didn't respond as she grabbed the pencil case swiftly from my hand and stormed away towards the exit for the lab. It was only when I noticed her vain attempts at leaving that I realised something was wrong. Before I could ask, she spat at me, "We're locked in and it's your fault."

Raising my hands up in surrender, I approached her slowly hoping she wouldn't try to attack me once more. "Let me try."

I heard her snort as I curled my hand over the handle for the door, trying to open it. It was jammed somehow and I slammed my shoulder against the door, in hopes that it would open already but nothing worked.

"We're stuck in here," I said, turning around to face her.

"I figured that part out," she snapped at me.

"I'm sure someone will come to get us out of here anyways. The janitors will have to check."

I sat down on one of the empty chairs nearby, knowing that the possibility of that happening was hight but would probably take a while.

"But our buses would have left!" She exclaimed, dropping her bag on the floor and falling back onto one of the chairs beside me, giving up.

"Let's hope not."

The End

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