"Mr. Todds, are you trying to kill us?" I asked as I headed out the classroom, glaring at my teacher. He'd only just announced that we have a preponed interschool meeting because of a football match that would be held tommorow at St. Peter's boarding school. And seeing as that would be of disturbance to everyone, the schools had decided that the meeting would be today instead, much to my disgust but delight of the others. Apparently, most of them had already formed relationships with the students there. And I lacked the ability to, something everyone knew and didn't put into consideration.

Mr. Todds gave me a wry grin before pushing me out the room. "Time for you to get on your bus Drew," he said, locking his classroom door behind him. I stomped away, bag hanging losely over my shoulder as I headed towards the buses; a tight frown written across my face.

This sucks. I hated clubs. I hated interschool meetings. And the last person I wanted to see in the world right now is Anabelle. At least, before Poppy was able to relieve me of whatever anger I held when I returned home. But when all I've done recently is pent up all the fury and build upon it, how can I let it go when I don't have the source?

Sitting stiffly against my seat on the bus, I shot a glare at anyone who dared to come near me. That was enough for them to stay away for the rest of the ride till we arrived at the school. This time, the journey to the school seemed to be shorter and it irritated me further. Was the universe conspiring against me or is time just a question of my sanity? I couldn't decide.

I got off the bus after everyone else had left. Knowing my way through, I headed towards the direction of the computer lab where our club meeting would be held. Since our school was the first to arrive, I didn't see Annabelle when I entered the room. Only Mr. Stevens was inside, a wide enthusiastic grin on his face as the other members and I entered the room.

"Ah! You're here! Please sit back down near the computer you worked in last time. You shall be using that with your partner for the rest of club activities we do."

Whatever, I thought to myself, sitting down on the seat and staring blankly at the computer screen as I waited for my partner to arrive. Time really was against me as only a few minutes had passed and she entered the room, looking quite happy. "Hey!" She called out to me, her voice light and content. I groaned internally, I really was not in the mood to talk to such a character now. Her brownish blonde hair was combed neatly and let loose, her lips pulled into a smile as she placed her bag down near my chair and grinned. Her gray eyes twinkled as she asked, "So, are you ready to do more powerpoint work?"

I didn't respond, looking away from her and drummed my fingers against the table. A silence grew between us, one that I didn't break and she didn't either. Maybe I intimidated Annabelle, just like I did to others. Glancing at her secretly, I noticed her scrutinizing my face. Why did she care anyways?

"What's wrong?" She asked softly and I snapped back, "None of your business alright?"

She winced at the harsh tone I'd used against her but stayed quiet as the room filled with other students. The meeting hadn't started yet and I really wish it wouldn't any time soon.

The End

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