I logged off once I saw Poppy go offline. It was strange how I'd grown to like her through such a short time of knowing her. I felt so...not Drew Alonso like. It's just not me to be like this. Sighing, I turned off my computer and headed to bed, going under the covers.

Even though I was exhausted from the day's activities, I couldn't fall asleep. My mind was swarming with thoughts of Poppy. All that had happened earlier was forgotten. It was so easy for me to be myself around her. And what struck me as even stranger was the fact that I hadn't even seen her in real life and held such a connection with her.

"Ugh!" I groaned, stuffing my head into the pillow and pulled the blanket above me, hiding myself from the moonlight. At this rate, I'd never go to sleep. Yet, I couldn't help but think one last thought before I drifted off to sleep. If I liked Poppy so much, why did I lie to her about me leaving? Sure, I'd lied to her about me so many times before but this one felt like the hardest to do because I knew I didn't want to avoid her. But why? I'd never felt this way about anyone; let alone someone I'd never met. Out of all the girls who'd tried to talk to me in school and date me, why is it that I'd fallen for the one I'd never met and probably never will?


School for the following week was boring. Our next interschool club meeting had been scheduled for the next week and classes went on as usual. Everyday when I returned home, I'd go back up to my room and itch to log back on to the computer and chat with Poppy. But I knew that would only turn out to be something I had never wanted in the end.

I don't know when it had just clicked for me. All I'd been doing for the past few months; creating accounts and pretending to be someone I'm not, it felt so wrong. Because, maybe in the end, I'd find myself stuck being the person I never wanted to be. Is that what I wanted?

Settling back against my seat, class resumed as usual. It had been four days since I'd chatted with Poppy. Avoiding her was becoming more difficult with everyday; simply because I did it against my own will. Groaning, I slumped down on my seat and shut my eyes. What was I going to do?

The End

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