Almost-Midnight Revelations

It was a relief to read Cayden’s messages that evening. As soon as the messenger button flashed green, I pounced upon him and began typing.

We talked for longer than I’d originally anticipated for the evening; I didn’t watch the clock as her hours ticked away. There was something about way that Cayden ‘talked’ that kept me hanging on, as though the words that I read were filled with a lilting accent. He knew exactly what to say to take my mind off Drew’s arrogance, and he knew exactly how to make me laugh.

It was about half ten when I finally looked up from typing. I hadn’t realised how hungry and thirsty I had become, not having had a big dinner.


Poppy Brant: I’ll be back in a minute. I’m going to grab a drink.

Cayden Rachet: Sure, I’ll be here ‘til whenever ;)


I padded downstairs barefooted. My mind was burning with the image of the only picture of Cayden that I had seen; distracted, I collided with a table. Cursing, I sighed and grabbed a coke. Mmm, the taste was so smooth and refreshing, but it was lacking something. I hurried back upstairs, blushing as I saw Cayden’s picture. That was weird, I’d never blushed on seeing a boy’s picture, not even those of celebrities like David Beckham.


Poppy Brant: Hey! I’m back! Are you up to anything good?

Cayden Rachet: Nah, not much. Just surfing the web. You haven’t updated your profile feed recently.


I flicked a tab quickly to social network page. My profile- well, Poppy’s profile- was all but blank, whereas I noticed that on Cayden’s page, when I flicked to it, was full of random comments, including the latest in which I had been tagged:

 Burning off steam by talking to Poppy on messenger.

Poppy Brant: Oh, you’ve tagged me. :) Haha, thanks.

Cayden Rachet: You’re welcome!

Poppy Brant: And you’ve changed your profile pic. I like that new one, it’s pretty awesome. And I can see more of your face…


Cayden’s replies were getting slower and slower. I guessed he was getting tired and busying himself for bed. I know I should have been at that time.

Nimbly, I typed a couple of new feeds, tagging Cayden as I created the second one.

I hate interschool clubs. Yeah, I’m just gonna say it out loud, ‘cause St. Peter’s is a nice place, but the idea was pretty rubbish for people like me. Plus, their teachers are way too enthusiastic!

The second one read:

Just putting it out there, but Cayden R is awesome!


Poppy Brant: Haha, I tagged you back!

Cayden Rachet: Awesome! Like me apparently.

Poppy Brant: Haha! :D


My mobile buzzed on the desktop beside me. It was a long-distance friend, and one who had a habit of late-night texting. Looking down at the blurred screen and her random greeting, it was only then when I realised what the time actually was.


Poppy Brant: Oh, gosh, we’ve been chatting for hours! I seriously hadn’t realised the time slipping past. I’ve got school tomorrow and now I’m gonna be so tired.

Cayden Rachet: Not that you care.

Poppy Brant: …Not that I care.

Poppy Brant: Look, I’ve got to go, but when are you next going to be online? When can I talk to you next?

Cayden Rachet: I dunno. My mom and I are going away for a long weekend to visit distant family, so I won’t be online for all of then. We’ll see, back when we’re both online again.

Was that a rebuke?

Poppy Brant: Oh. :’(

Poppy Brant: Yeah, all right. I…I look forward to it. :) See you, Cay, whenever that is. Xxx


And then I logged myself off and began to get ready for bed. It was only when I was trying to get to sleep that I remembered the thought that I had concealed, the thing that I had chosen not to write.

Why had I wanted to write it? How could it be possible?

I love you.


The End

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