Meetings Again

Annabelle left without a word, and I shrugged to myself. She didn't seem as interesting as I'd thought she would be. The urge to get to know her at the start had died down the moment I'd realized how dull of a person she was being. Yet, I couldn't judge her that way since social interaction levels in my life with teenagers has always been low.

I made my way towards the bus and found my way in, plopping back down into the same seat I had been in before. Others streamed into the bus and even one girl sat down next to me but I ignored her when she tried striking up a conversation. I was clearly not in the mood.


"Drew, how was the trip?" My mom asked as I joined her for an early dinner.

"Perfect," I muttered quietly. She arched an eyebrow up; knowing that was a lie but didn't bug me about it. Instead, I quickly ate dinner and then skipped back up the stairs; heading to my room after saying good night to my mother. Turning my computer on, I logged onto my messenger and noticed that Poppy was online. Before I could send her a message, she beat me to it. Speedy fingers.

Poppy Brant: Hi Cayden. How has your day been going?

Cayden Rachet: Fine, thanks. How was school for you?

Poppy Brant: Horrible. My class went to another school for a club meeting. My partner was so annoying. He just go on my nerves so much. :(

Cayden Rachet: Oh. I'm sorry to hear about that. If it cheers you up, mine was as bad too.

Poppy Brant: Partners in pain. :P

The rest of the night passed by quickly as we chatted on. I didn't bug her to know more about her day and she didn't ask about mine; which turned out to be good as I pretty much forgot everything that had happened earlier. I liked Poppy so much. If only there was someone like her in the real world to understand me.

The End

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